Mother Review


Mother is a RPG for the NES, a very strange one at that. Rather being set in a fantasy filled world or a futuristic sci-fi setting it’s set in what was then considered to be modern day America (1990s). Its a story of a boy with special psychic powers. The story is pretty basic considering its a NES RPG but its probably one of the more story focused games on the NES. You find your self having to fill in the story your self alot , like an entire town is filled with children, they talk bout how they missed their parents, well you have to assume something happened to all the parents and sure enough you find later on what happened to them but no one really tells you, you just see it and you understand. For its time Mother┬áhad a pretty good story, but if your looking for a game with a deep and engaging story, your looking at the wrong game…and wrong console.

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