Trace Memory Review


       At one point in time point and click adventure games were a huge market on the PC. Around 1995 the genre died out due to slow game play, abstract puzzles that only made sense to the designers and the rise of the First person shooter. The DS touch screen lent its self well to point and click games. Soon after the industry realized that there was a market for the genre again on the DS, and many point and click games have been released since. Trace Memory helped find that market by being one of the first point and click adventure games on the DS. Will Trace Memory awaken or reawaken the point and click genre for you, or should you look else where on the DS?

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Evolution Worlds Review



  Evolution was a RPG series that came out on the Dreamcast. The first game probably holds the record for one of the shortest modern RPG ever made. It received a sequel, while longer it failed to improve on many things that made the first one repetitive. In a last attempt for the series, Ubisoft released Evolution worlds on the Nintendo Gamecube, a compilation of the 2 games in the series. Did Ubisoft correct their mistakes with the Gamecube version, or does it ultimately fall flat like its previous titles?
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Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance Review


           Castlevania: Circle of the Moon was a well done first attempt at trying to bring the Symphony of the Night experience onto the Gameboy Advanced. After Circle of the Moon, Gameboy Advanced and the Nintendo DS became the main platforms for the Castlevania series. Harmony of Dissonance is the second title in the GBA’s line up of Castlevania games. Does this game compared to Castlevania: Circle of the Moon? Or should you stay away from this dated Gameboy Advanced title?
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Disaster: Day of Crisis Review



     Back in E3 2006 the Wii’s initial line up was shown. One of Nintendo’s new  IPs was Disaster: Day of Crisis. After the E3 showing we didn’t see anything for Disaster for almost two years besides a few screen shots. Then out of nowhere the title had its release date announced only a few weeks before its launch date. Unfortunately Nintendo decided that Disaster Day of Crisis wasn’t worth the marketing push and put it out on store shelves with little to no marketing campaign. While Europe and Japan have gotten a release, Nintendo of America stands still saying Disaster Day of Crisis is currently not in their release schedule. Fortunately for importers even the Japanese version voice acting is entirely in English. So no matter which version you play, you will fully understand the plot. Does Disaster Day of Crisis deliver despite being ignored or is it really a disaster?
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Castlevania Circle of the Moon Review





             The Castlevania franchise has been a long running series that has been quite successful. Circle of the moon is the first Castlevania game for the Gameboy Advanced. The series has always been known for its 2D action adventure style game play and fairly interesting story. Is the very first GBA release worth your time or should you leave this one in the bargain bin?
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Star Ocean till the end of time Review

Star Ocean Til the End of Time


Star Ocean till the end of time is an RPG using real time combat for the Playstation 2 made by tri-ace in 2003. The game did fairly well and eventually had a re-release in 2004 with updated content such as new characters to use. This game is the third game in the series, but don’t worry, the story is completely separate so those who didn’t play the first two games wont be left in the dark. Does this game stand the test of time or should you look else where for your RPG fix?

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