Resident Evil Code Veronica X Review


The Resident Evil series set the survivor horror genre on the right path to success. Many loved its atmosphere and challenging game play. For the most part the series made little change until Resident Evil 4 which really threw the series on to a new path, into a Third Person Shooter. As the series goes on in a new, and possibly better, direction the older games titles are still available to remind us where the series came from. Resident Evil: Code Veronica was originally on the Sega Dreamcast and was the last main entry in Resident evil with the traditional style Resident Evil game play. Capcom ported all the Resident Evil main entries from 2 to code veronica on to the Nintendo Gamecube due to the introduction of the franchise onto the console. The last of these ports, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X for the Nintendo Gamecube is a port of a port of the Playstation 2’s Code Veronica X. Is the resident evil formula still in full effect or was it for the best that they turned away from this formula?
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Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Review


            Square Enix had little support for Nintendo’s home consoles for quite some time, but they did provided a large amount of software support for Nintendo’s portable systems. Final Fantasy Tactics was one of many Square Enix titles for the Gameboy Advanced. Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced is some what of a sequel to the original Final Fantasy Tactics which was released on the Playstation and received Impressive review scores and sales. While Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced May not be a direct sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics, it keeps most of the core game play elements while adding some new elements to freshen the experience from the first game. Can this title innovate while keeping the quality of the first title? 
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