Final Fantasy II (Dawn of Souls) Review

This review is focused on the Dawn of Souls version of Final Fantasy II, other versions contain different content


            Square Enix is possibly one of the largest, if not the largest publisher for RPGs on the market, and are one of the most successful video game software businesses in industry. Early in their life cycle they weren’t as fortunate, after creating a few, for the most part, unsuccessful titles Square was on the edge of bankruptcy. What they thought to be their final title, Final Fantasy, was the sole reason they were able to continue creating games until today. They decided not to push their luck and did the most logical thing to do, and that is to create a second title under the Final Fantasy name. While appearing very similar to the original, Final Fantasy II contains many elements that are different from the original. Unfortunately the title never saw a release outside of Japan, until the Playstation Origins bundle of I and II. Does this RPG stand the test of time or does it crumble in the face of modern gaming
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Xenosaga Episode III : Also sprach Zarathustra review


The original Xenosaga raised the bar for RPGs in terms of graphics and game play. While episode I was fairly successful episode II didn’t live up to the expectations to a large majority of consumers. In a series like Xenosaga where every game directly relates to one another, a single title can break the entire series. Once episode II did poorly, the opportunity for success on episode III lowered greatly. In order to break the series back into the main stream episode III would need to be extremely successful, giving people a reason to play through the last 2 episodes. Does this series deserve a episode IV, or was its early deaths justified?
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1080 Avalanche Review


      Snowboarding titles seem to have taken off last console generation, franchises such as SSX. Most of the title’s were not Gamecube exclusives but a large amount of them saw releases on the system along with the PlayStation 2 and X-box. 1080 Avalanche is the sequel to successful title 1080 Snowboarding for the Nintendo 64.  While on the surface 1080 Avalanche may appear to just be another snowboarding title, it has a few differences from other snowboarding titles on the Gamecube.. Does 1080 Avalanche stand out or does it fall into the avalanche of snowboarding titles
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