EA E3 Confrence

Got here just in time!

-2:03 EA confrence starting. Lights just went down, getting ready to start!

Dante's Inferno

-2:04 Dante’s Inferno trailer starts off the show! Lots of giant scythe action~!

-2:06 Thanking people and then going into a Sims 3 trailer.

-2:07 Promising 12 games for this show.

-2:09 Littliest pet shop title announcement. three seprate titles for Wii and DS. –

-2:10 Littliest petshop online announced. Can customize pets online . Has many activies and mini games for people to play.  Trailer being shown.

-2:11 Announced Charm Girls Club, three DS games and one wii game. Little girls were brought out to play one of the minigames from the title. Girls waggling wiimotes all over. Trailer shown.

-2:14 Need For Speed Shift developer takes the stage. Footage froze up. restarting footage. Create Rivals and customize veichiles.

-2:19 Announcing competetion for a new BMW on the show floor, where one lucky atendee will win the car.

-2:20 Bioware arrives on stage to show off Dragon Age Origins. Says that its thier darkness game yet, with violence, lust and betrayl. Want to give moral choices that will make you question your decisions. October 20th is release date for 360, PC and PS3and trailer is being shown.

– 2:23 Mass effect 2 logo appears back. Gives short histroy of Mass effect. It won 90 awards. Explains how they have to raise the bar that Mass Effect set when it was released.

-2:24 Mass Effect 2 is  expected early 2010 release. First full trailer being shown.

-2:26 EA Sports trailer shown, with real life sports being shown and a opera singer. Shows off all the EA sports titles in a circle.

-2:27 Peter Moore arrives on stage. Starting wtih Fight Night Round 4. Says Round 4 has a genre defying physics engine that will set the game apart with the round 3.

Fight Night Round 4

-2:28 Round 4 is at 60 Frames per second. The speed of the fighting was increased. Punch strength  depends on how you hit an enemy and where you punched them. Rather then having set damage for each hit.

-2:31 Fight Night Round Four will releae June 25th 2009. Announced EA sports MMA.

-2:34 Tiger PGA tour 2009 online which allows you to play EA Sports online in your webbrowser.

-2:35 Team builder, which allows you to customize your teams straight from the website. It’s consitant and is simple to bring your content to your console. Avalible now at teambuilder.easports.com

-2:37 Madden 10 online NFL franchise allows you to trade team members and other things online on your system, PC and I-phone.

-2:38 Peter moore comes back on stage to talk about EA sports active, and the good image it has been giving video games. Info video for EA sports active, with people demonstrationg it on a 30 day challenge video. People talking about how much weight they lost over 30 days.

-2:41 600k units of EA sports active in just two weeks. Sales were the same for both weeks. The first expansion pack is already in development to add more challenges and exercises.

EA sports active box

-2:43 EA sports Grand Slam tennis hits stores next week along wtih Motion plus.

-2:44 Gameplay demonstration of the title begins. Professional  Pete Sanfords takes the stage to take place of peter moore in playing grand slam tennis

-2:46 Demonstration ends and Peter Boore reminds everyone taht Grand Slam Tennis is coming out next week.

-2:47 Pandemic studios takes the stag and introudces “The Sabateur”.

-2:49 Gameplay demonstration fo The Sabeteur.  “Black and white style , much diffrent from the title Madworld.  He can go in guns blazing to plant the explosives or can do it stealthfully.

-2:54 Tim schaver takes the stage to talk about Brutal legend. Everyone he ever wanted to meet he put in this game.

-2:55 Gives descriptions of lots of the charcters along with thier voices.

Brutal Legend

-2:57 Brutal legend trailer shown and shows lots of  cutscenes, not much gameplay. Special Video message from Jack black. to talk about Brutal Legend.

-3:00 Presdient and CEO of Crystek comes on stage. Announces Crysis two. The game is simutanelously being made for PS3, PC and 360.

-3:03 Announced a new partner ship wtih real time worlds. APB is announced.

-3:05   APG is a sand box type game where players play onine with other players to try to reachh fame and fortune. Depending on you you are you may choose to be a enfoucer or a criminal.

-3:07 Starwars theme starts playing and hooded figures with lightsabers arrive on stage.

-3:08 Starts talking about the Starwars the Old Republic MMO. Lucas Arts says that Bioware is the perfect compan. It will be the First ever fully voiced MMO.

-3:10 Each class has thier own story arc and each exprience will be completly diffrent for each class. Story is going to be a big focus.  As the developers leave the stage the first cinematic trailer is shown.

the old republic

-3:14 They thank everyone for attending and tell everoyne to make sure they stop by thier booth.

With that the presentation ends!

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