Microsoft E3 Confrence

x-box 360 logo

-10:00 Around 30 Minutes till Microsoft confrence~! Hopefully Some good stuff will be coming. We don’t know much about Microsofts Line-up other then Halo ODST.

-10:32 Looks like were starting up! Opening with The Beatles Rockband video, showing some artistic looking video. No gameplay was shown.

-10:35 Getting a history lesson on The Beatles. Semptember 9th 2009 Beatles Rockbands release date. Demonstrating the gameplay with Day Dreamer. Typical Rockband set up, no surprizes here. Three microphone support as prevoiusly promised

-10:36 Official trailer being shown off. Looks to have a bit of a diffrent visual style from previous Rockband titles to better fit The Beatles. Also seems like it will have diffrent backgrounds rather then just stages.

-10:37 Will feature DLC, like other rockband titles. Giving thanks to people who contributed to creating the title.

-10:41 Moving away from Rockband, X-box Team’s Corperate Vice President comes out on stage welcomes us to E3.

-10:42 Ten world premire games being shown during the show. Talking about showing revolutionary new expriences and Promises no sales charts or graphs.

-10:43 Tony hawk Ride demonstration. Tony Hawk comes out and is showing how their new skateboard controller works.

-10:45 Tony Hawk Ride trailer. Skaters talking about how close it is to real skating.

-10:47 Tony leaves the stage and Modern Warefare 2 Trailer being shown. Same one that has already been shown before.

-10:50 Infintiy Ward staff comes onto stage and start up a gameplay demonstration of a snow level. Showing ice climbing, looks to be a storyline specific section.

Call of duty modern warfare

-10:55 Snow mobile section being shown. Looks like typical veichile action. Can fire a pistol while driving. Demo ends.

-10:56: Downloaded Map packs for Modern Warfare will be timed exclusives for the X-box.

-10:57 Final Fantasy XIII staff members come out on stage. Talking about Final Fantasy Series and last years X-box 360 announcement for the title. Video begins for the 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII.

– 10:59 Gameplay agianst a boss is being shown. 4 Active Time gauge , build up for diffrent moves. First look at the summon Odin in the title.

-11:01 Final Fantasy XIII is being targed for a spring 2010 release.

-11:02 Everything from this point is 360 exclusive. Epic games takes the stage…

-11: 04 New XBLA game, micophone cut out, but made out that thier trying to make a Metroid / Castlevania type gameplay. With large maps that are all connected.

-11:05 Foam gun that can be used to freeze enemies or make stair cases. Campaign is planned to be around 10 hours long. Shadow Complex should be avalible this summer on XBLA.

-11:06 Joy ride trailer, A new game that uses your avatars in a racing type game. Joy ride will be a free title, but with purchasable Downdloaded Content, Set to come out this winter.

-11:07 Crack Down 2 Teaser trailer shown.

-11:09 Left 4 Dead 2 announced. Coming to 360 and PC.

Left 4 dead

-11:11 Splinter cell: conviction trailer shown. Has a new look for Sam fisher, got rid of his long hair. Ubisoft takes the stage and starts a Demonstration….

-11:12 Has a very cinematic look. Attempting to Make the story unfold in realtime, rather then through cutscenes. Such as seeing a flash back on the walls of a bathroom, while interigating some one.

-11:14 New system called “The Mark” where you can create your own attack plan and execute them. Each level is going to ahve a sandbox type design for players to approahch the situation in thier own way.

-11:15: Sam fisher has much more freedom in actual combat. Is still just as effective while stealthed. Gameplay demo ends. A X-box 360 exclusive.

-11:17 Forza Motor sports 3 Trailer shown. Scheduled to be release in October. Looks like a typical Racer. Runs at 60 frames. Has over 400 cars from diffrent manufactures.

-11:19 Gameplay Demonstration begins. Send and trade content between users.

-11:21 Focus on user created content. Can decorate your own car.

-11:23 Video editor… looks amazing, those with a lot of time can probably make some amazing videos.

-11:24 Halo ODST, Demonstration demo right off the bat. Looks like a drop scene. Looks like a very call of duty esque Story sequence.


-11:25 Takes place weeks before the start of Halo 3. In the shoes of a rookie shock trooper who was seprated from his team.

-11:28 Flash back to previous ODST units, and play thier section of the story.

-11:30 September 22nd is ODST release date. Top secret project is about to be announced, from the Bungie team…

-11:31 “Halo Reach” Teaser trailer for Fall 2010, Purchase Halo ODST and you get Halo Reach Multiplayer beta code. No gameplay showed or explained.

-11:33 Alan Wake trailer currently being shown. Gameplay demonstration begins right after. Narrator during gameplay, simular to Prince of Persia.

-11:35 Enemies are weak to light. Once exposed they can be killed.

-11:38 Alan wake will be released in Spring 2010

-11:39 Partner ship wtht Last FM to have music on X box live, Will be avalible for X-box Live gold Members later this year for no additional charge.

-11:41 Live television watchable from your console.(? Sorry i got a little lost during this section)

-11:41 Relaunching Zune Video service, Video will be avaible in fully HD, 1080p. Every movie and TV show will be instnaly watchable with no download. Will launch World Wide this fall.

-11:43 Can invite friends to watch shows with you via X-box live

11:44 Facebook partnership. Face book for X-box 360 is custom made, blended into the X-box live exprience.

-11:46 Face book connect allows you to take screen shots onto your X-box Face book. X-box Live is also bringing Twitter to the X-box live service.

-11:47 Twitter is updated in real time, Both are coming to X-box live this fall.

-11:48 Senior vice president takes the stage. Kojima appears from behind!

-11:50 Metal Gear Solid: Rising annouce and its currently being developed for the X-box 360. Kojima said he didn’t say anything about Solid Snake when the vice preisdent asked. Raiden Appears in the trailer and at the end says “Raiden is back!”


-11:53 Talking about the high points in the past of the x-box. 360 being the first HD console and X-box Live being the best online service. Mentions motion controllers. Says controllers are a barrier for gaming for some people.

-11:54 Camera controller trailer being shown. Multiple (what i assume to be) tech demos being shown.

-11:56 Facial recongizition that automiatcally signs you on your X-box accounts. Voice recongnition as well.

-11:58 Camera is called Project Natal currently. It will work with all X-box 360s released.

-12:00 Steven Spilburg takes the stage. Talking about how controllers create a barrier between people. Leaves the stage basically saying he supports the camera.


-12:02 Creative Director of Project Natal Takes the stage. Re-explaining the point of Natal. Saying that it gives core players total controller over thier charcters. While removing the controller barrier for casual players

-12:03 Demonstrates how to navigate the menus using the camera, and giving a demonstration of how the camera works.

-12:05, Doesn’t use any type of preset motions, uses the persons motions to animate the charcter. Allows tracking for multiple people.

-12:06 Paint Party demostration shown, using voice recognition along wtih the motion control in order to do some painting by slapping paint onto a canvas.

-12:10 Beautiful MS paint like drawing of a palm tree and a elephant. Development kits arriving at thier partners today.

-12:11 Fable 2 Creator takes the stage.

-12:13 Milo, a demonstration of a child created that reacts to people, and recongize people, emotions and the tone of your voice.


-12:15 He can recongize a piece of paper and and scan whats on the paper and put it in the game and have AI react to it.

-12:17 Peter leaves the stage expressing his high hopes for Natal and that he believes it is a land mark in electronic entertainment.

-12:18 Wrapping up, talking about the Natal and how they have all major genres on thier system. The vice president leaves the stage and thanks everyone for attending!

4 thoughts on “Microsoft E3 Confrence

  1. impressive conference. im a bit skeptical about natal, but then i was wrong about the success of wii fit. kinda wish i had a 360 though.

  2. Yeah it was, I’m intrested in Project Natal, it looks like something that has a lot of potential, but may not be able to reach the popularity of the Wii remote since the wii is already known as the casual console among people who don’t play games.

  3. Saw the demo of Project Natal and I was very impressed with the outcome of their hard work and I know in due time they can beat Wii. All they need is good marketing strategy and conferences like this. Btw pal, if you are interested in winning 500,000 World of Warcraft Gold, you can visit and give name for their PIG. I’m already done with the process and hope that I could be the Winner.

  4. I think Son’ys motion controller has a beter shot at beating the Wii personaly. Control wise. Unless microsoft produces Wands as well, I cant see natal taking off with core gamers. Buttons are required still i think and using a X-boxx 360 controller would be restricting your hands into one place.

    Also as good as Sony and Microsofts technology is, you really have to concider the fact that Nintendo is a house hold name when it comes to motion sensing. Everyone knows that the Wii has Wii sports like titles. I think the casual crowd probably wont move from that idea. When they see people playing 360 or PS3 motion games they will probably still call it the Wii

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