Ubisoft E3 Confrence

Ubisoft logo

-5:00 It’s starting up! Montage of multiple games like TMNT, Red Steel 2, Assasisn creed 2, Shawn White, Splinter cell and etc.

-5:07 Nothing really happening right now, basically talking about how everyone Ubisoft is equal and respected no matter what they do. Also talks about how E3 has always been a place where they try to show off a great show with great games.

-5:11 The CEO  is talking about how many perphirials they supported wtih Endwar, Redsteel, Rayman and other titles.

-5:17 Short movies based on Assasins Creed 2 universe will be created.

-5:19 Ubisoft wants to not just be a video game developer and publisher but to make content for all entertainment mediums.

-5:21 Writer of AVATAR movie is talkikng about the background of the story and giving some background into the story’s world.

-5:29 This is going very slow, this guy has been talking about his movie for about 10 minutes now.  Basically the game follows its own plot and has some unique creatures that the movie does not have.

-5:30 The Avatar game will be one of the few games that use 3D.

-5:33 Finally they stoped talking about the avatar movie. Looks like this is leading into Red Steel 2.

-5:34 Red steel 2 trailer starting up.Looks like a redone version of the leaked trailer. Much more intresting looking

-5:38 Gameplay demonstration of the first level coming up. Getting Dragged by a motor cycle right at the start.

-5:40 Motion plus allows for one to one  control. You can use the Sword and the gun at any time you want.

Red Steel 2

-5:42 You will eventually get new powers later on in the game. Can break doors open with your sword.

-5:43  It runs at 60 frames per second.  Also there will be diffrent boss battles rather then just katana vs katana.

-5:44 Red Steel 2 will be bundled with Wiimotion +

-5:46 Shawn White Snowboarding world stage  teaser thats avaliable on the internet for a few days is being shown.

-5:55 Academy champions was introduced and a quick trailer is being shown. Exclusive for the nintendo Wii, 2009.

-6:00 Creative director of Splinter cell conviction takes the stage. Talks about how stealth games used to make your charcter weak in order to force stealth. In Conviction they plan on making sam fisher stronger and want you to use stelath for a better way to your goal. Rather then forcing it upon you.

-6:03 Now that Sam Fisher isn’t a part of a organization he can work more brutally, rather then before getting tied to objectives and rules of his drectors.

Splinter cell conviction

-6:04 All parts of the enviroments are interactive and destructable.  This is the same demo that was shown during Microsofts Press confrence so far.

-6:06 Conviction puts the cutscenes, objectives and other  presentational things on the walls or on the side of buildings and etc..  In order to keep the gameplay flowing without menus.

-6:12 Conviction will be released this fall exclusively  on X-box 360 and PC.

-6:15 RUSE a real time stragety game where you can play with controling units with your finger tips. Trailer was shown ( A table?).

-6:18 Talking about all of our favorite titles. Imagine series. It is the best Ubisoft seller for the last 3 years.

-6:19 Imagine line plans on adding interconnectivty to download and interchange animals, arts and other content between titles.

-6:23 Style lab allows you to take pictures of the DSi and allows you to put on make up, hair and other cosmetic changes.

-6:25 small talk about fitness titles. Talking about how thier game is the best since it uses a camera rather then wiimotes or balance boards and such.

-6:27  Your shape trailer shown. Fitness game complety based off camera. It is the first wii title to use a camera.

-6:30 Rabbids go home developer comes out… with  a person in a rabbit  in a shopping kart.

-6:32 Rabbbids go home trailer. Same trailer thats been out for quite a few days again.

-6:35 showing a fairly humorus gameplay.  An abusing bunny game… throwing your bunny around. After you customized him from abusing him, you can throw him back into your game. He will appear in all the cutscene and  during gameplay.

-6:41 Rabbids presentation ends with rabbids riding on a airplane jet.

-6:43 TMNT’s 25th anniverary is this year. TMNT Smash up trailer started.

-6:47 No More Heroes was breifly talked about, glad Ubisoft is publishing it agian.

-6:50 Assasians creed 2 starting to be talked about. Assians creed sold over 8million units and was the fastest selling new IP. Scheduled to be released November 17th, and the trailer begins.

Assasins creed 2

-6:53 New arm gun shown at the very end of the trailer.  With that, its the end onf the presentation!

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