Nintendo E3 Conference


-9:02AM Nintendo could be starting up any minute now! Have a Pepsi Throwback ready to take a swig for all the good news~.

-9:03 Montage of already avalible titles with people in thier living rooms playing Wii/DS

-9:05 Cammie Dunway takes the stage. Starts talking about how Video Games is one of the biggest forms of entertainment now. Out ranking most entertainment industries.

-9:07 Promises surprizes for the show. Starts talking about mario, and a montage of all the Super Mario titles starts playing…

-9:08 Speaking of moving mario into the 4th dimension. Promising that New Super Mario Brothers for Wii is a new way to play mario never before and Bill trinen takes the stage to explain it.

New Super Mario Brothers

-9:09 New Super Mario Bros Wii allows for 4 players at once. Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad and Blue toad are the current playable charcters. When people die they come back in a bubble, its optional if other players want to break them out. You can play the main mode with one player and play it cooperatley. A new suit called the propeller suit, shake the wiimote to make your charcter hover and slowly hovers down.

-9:11 It uses four sword style ranking at the end.

-9:12 Schedule to be launched Holiday 2009.

-9:13 Wiifit has been the best selling video game since it launched. 15million units sold.

-9:16 Announces Wii Fit Plus, 6 new strength and yoga activities. you can combine exercises in any order you want and continue to repeat them if you would like. You also don’t need to go back to the menu every time now. You can make a training schedule that lets you go through multiple exercises without going to the menu. New Minigames also are going to be avalible. A new platforming game to be included in it.

-9:17 Will be avalible this fall, and will be avalible without the balance board for those who already own it. Reggie fils-aime takes the stage.

-9:18 Starts talking about the introduction of the wii remote and the perpihals that have been made. Talks about the Wii motion plus saying that there will be a huge diffrence when you actully play the game.

-9:20 Wii motion plus trailer starts up… no actual gameplay footage so far. Just actors doing things with the wii remote trying to say “it’s one to one” basically

-9:22 Turned into a wii sports resort trailer basically. Archery, Basket ball, jet sking, kyaking, ping ball, golf, disc golf, and sword fighting are the games shown off in the trailer.

-9:23 Bill trinen re-takes the stage to give a demonstration of wii sports resort. Demonstrating with sky diving.

Sky diving

-9:24 Collecting other miiis while sky diving. His mii directly mimics his wiimote. The sky diving is just the opening to the title.

-9:26 Archery demonstration. A Shots are effected by wind. the target also moves. (Not drinking my pepsi throw back much yet…) Explains how its not about learning the controls but using your actual skill.

-9:27 Reggie comes out to play trinen a 3 point basket ball game.

-9:29 Reggie wins 18 to 17. Bill trinen leaves the stage.

– 9:31 Wii Sports resorts released July 24th. Starts talking about all the 3rd party wii motion plus support such as grand slam tennis, Tiger woods golf and Virtua tennis. All of which that are being released in a few weeks.

-9:32 Speaks shortley about Redsteel 2 and only using wii motion plus. Speaks about thier sales. Starts talking about RPGs, talking about how you have to use your head. Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers trailer starts playing (trailer avalible on IGN as of last night.)

-9:34 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will be avalible September 29th in America exclsuively for the Nintendo DS. A trailer plays showing off cutscenes from the title. along with multiple screens for gameplay, to represent the games multiplayer functions.

-9:36 Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside story trailer shown. Will be avalible at retail at both Europe and America this fall.

-9:37 Golden Sun DS announced. After not seeing a franchise release for over 5 years. Trailer players, game is fully 3D.

Golden Sun DS

-9:38 James Pattersons womens murder club: games of passion trailer shown. offers a new point and click adventure.

-9:40 New Ubisoft game for DS called COP. A dark gritty GTA stlye game. Has a over the shoulder view rather then a isometric view. Looks more like the recent GTA titles.

-9:41 Girls mode will be coming to North america known in america as Style Savvy. (I didn’t just take a drink of pepsi throw back just now…)

-9:43 DSi interviews of random people praising the system.

-9:44 As of today, total DSi Sales in america have surpassed 1 million units. Since DSi Launch, 400,000 DSlite have sold.

-9:45 Moving memo will be avalible this summer for North America.

-9:46 New Mario vs Donkey Kong Mini March Again. A level customization which can be sent between other users. Avalible on DSiware June 8th, this upcoming monday.

Mario vs Donkey Kong

-9:48 Speaking shortly about the new wario ware game where you can make your own mini games.

09:49 This summer you will be able to upload your DSi photos straight from your DSi onto Facebook.

9:50 The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks mentioned of being announeced earlier this year. No release date announced.

-9:51 Satoru Iwata takes the stage. Nintendo divdes people into 3 groups people who are Active gamers, People who say they will never play games, and people who say maybe one day ill play games.

-9:52 295 million people in japan united states and europe who are playing games actively. 145 million people say maybe ill eventually play games. Says they have a long way to go to expand their audience to everyone.

-9:54 Talking about making less complicated games, to not scare off people. Mentions that if they simply lower the bar, they won’t satisfy core gamers. Concerned that the wall between these two types of gamers is getting a lot higher.

-9:55 Wants to encourage bridge titles such as Mario Kart Wii that both hard core gamers and casual gamers can all enjoy at the same time.

-9:57 A sneak peak at thier new entirely diffrent way of thinking about games. Wii Vitality Sensor. It records your pulse.

-9:59 Tradtionally games are supposed to be exciting, but Iwata beleives we can make relaxing game, even maybe a way to help some one fall asleep.

-10:00 Iwata leaves the stage and Cammie Dunway. Talking about announcements throughout the show.

-10:01 Second Full 3D mario title. Mario Galaxy 2 it looks like.

Mario Galaxy 2

-10:01 Yoshi is also ridable in this title. This is the first time a second 3D main series Mario game has appeared on a single console.

-10:03 Reggie talks about the innovations, surprizes and other things they have shown today.

-10:04 Listing off three third party titles exclusively on Wii this year. The Conduit is the first. and a Conduit trailer appears on screen.

-10:05 Capcom’s Darkside Chronicles is the second title.

-10:06 Dead Space Extraction is the third 3rd party title he mentions.

-10:08 A new edgier game is coming from Nintendo. Partnering up wtih Team Ninja to creating a new Metroid game for the Wii. A Third Person Adventure game it looks like.

-10:10 Metroid Other M is the name of the title slated for 2010, Samus also has voice acting.

Metroid Other M

-10:11 Reggie wraps up and thanks everyone for attending and thats the end of it.


2 thoughts on “Nintendo E3 Conference

  1. both of the new mario wii games are carbon copies of previous games. however, mario galaxy 2 adds yoshi. new super mario bros wii adds multiplayer. strangely enough thats enough to make people (including me) happy. both are must buy for me. metroid looks awesome, but im waiting for more info on it before it goes in my “do want” list.

  2. Mario Galaxy 2 is a definite Purcahse for me. Metroid looks cool but I’m not a big metroid Fan… Metroid Prime Hunters was my 2nd metroid title i beat ever. I really should get into that series…

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