Sony’s E3 Conference

Playstation logo

-11:09 It’s starting~!

-11:10 Intro video showing off some content like FFXIII, Bayonetta, Uncharted , Ratchet and Clank, Brutal legend, god of war, heavy rain, little big planet for PSP and etc.

-11:12 Jack Tretton, Presidnet and CEO takes the stage. Joking about leaks.

– 11:15 Modern Warefare 2, Final Fantasy XII, Ratchet and clank, Heavy rain and rock band beetles are some of the great titles already announced for the playstation 3.

-11:16 Sony willcommited to the PS2 as long as there is a demand.

-11:17 Playstation 2 will get 100 new titles this year. Mentions how Playstation 2 users may 2eventually move onto be Play Station 3 users.

-11:19 Mentions Infamous with 90% and higher review scores. One of 35 exclusive Playstation 3 titles

-11:20 Uncharcted 1 sold 2.19 million units in its life time on playstation 3. Naughty dog employee takes the stage to speak about Uncharted 2.

-11:21 Uncharted 2 gameplay demo starts. showing how much of the enviroment can be shown at once wtih a overlook at the city.

Uncharted 2

-11:22 Helicopter chase action sequence with Drake and a AI fight throguh a wave of enemies.

-11:26 Jack retakes the stage. First public unveiling of live gameplay for MAG demonstratio is about to begin. Just a reminder MAG features 256 players all at once. The demonstration will be a live 256 player deomonstration.

-11:28. Squad leaders can set objectives for other players.

-11:29 People who cooperate and fight near the objective and go and do objectives they get bonus points for following orders.

-11:31 Shifting focus to the PSP now. Starts talking about slimming the system down, the PSP has 400 titles and lists off some titles such as Crisis Core and God of War as great titles.

-11:33 Trying to get some kid friendly games such as Petz, Hannah montana, Rockband and other titles .

-11;34 Kaz Hirahi takes the stage.

-11:35 PSP GO officially announced. Jokes about how its the worse kept secret of E3.

-11:36 the PSP go will not replace the PSP 3000 or UMD. Both of which will still be suport. PSP go is 50% smaller and 40% lighter then the PSP 3000.

-11:37 Has 16 gigabytes of Intenral memory and is expandable. Has built in wi-fi and also has Blue tooth integrated.

-11:38 New application called Sense me for PSP. Will anaylze your music library based off the mood you select. The PSP tool kits will have a reduction in price to help more developers.

-11:39 All titles will be digitally downloadedable and on UMD. So everyone will have access to the titles.

-11:40 PSP Go will be avalible for 249$ and 249 Euroes in North america and Europe.

-11:41 Video will be downloadable straight to your PSP now.

-11:43 Father of the Grand turismo series takes the stage to talk about Grand Turisomo for the PSP. PSP Grand turismo runs at 60 Frames per second and thier shooting for a full scale Grandturismo game.

-11:45 Really pushing that this exprience is as big as a console version. Is not just a shrunken down version of the game. The game also features a ad-hoc feature that allows you to play with 4 people. You can also trade and share cars with other players.

-11:46 Over 800 cars to be featured. Since thier so many cars they really wanted you to push to trade with friends to trade to unlock al the cars. Since it will be difficult to unlock them all by your self.

-11:48 He thanks everyone for thier time today and walks off stage and a new Grand Turismo PSP trailer is shown running on the Playstation Portable GO. The release date is October 1st 2009.

-11:49 Kaz Retakes the stage. The release will help celebrate the launch of the PSP GO. and quickly shifts to Metal Gear Solid. Hideo Kojima arrives on stage.

-11:50 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is announced. The setting is 10 years after Metal Gear solid 3 in the 1970’s.

Metal Gear Peace walker

-11:51 The Main team from MGS 4 is involved in this title. It’s not a spin off or a side story. It will be a true sequel. It will also add any of the elements the PSP allows. He wishes that we enjoy the Peace walker trailer and the room dims…

-11:55 Strangelty shows 4 snakes all at once fighting a Metal Gear like enemy.

-11:58 Resident Evil Portable annouicnced for the Playstation Portable.

-12:00 PSP video reel, Featuring some of the biggest software coming to PSP in 2009. Little big planet for the PSP, Jack and Daxter, Final Fantay Dissidia, Socom 3, Monster hunter freedom fighters, Soul calibur PSP, and many more.

-12:03 PSN has 24 Million Registed Users world wide. More then 475 Million pieces fo content downloaded. 90 Exclusive PSN titles.

-12:04 Final Fantasy 7 coming to PSN PS1 classics today. 50 more titles this year.

-12:07 Video demonstarting all that has appeared on Home showing all the content off.

-12:08 Playstation 3 montage video, to show whats avalible for Playstation 3.
Uncharted 2, Infamous, Madden 10, Final Fantasy XIII,Batman arkham asylum, Brutal Legend, White Knight chronicles, Grand turismo, Ghost Busters, Ninja Gaiden, Saw, King of Fighters , Tekken, Red Faction, Tiger woods, heavy rain, all the big titles to expect from the playstation 3 this year basically.

-12:13 Agent, a PS3 Exclusive for PS3 made by Rockstar announced.

-12:14 Assasins creed 2 demonstration of the game running on the playstation 3.

-12:15 Assasins creed 2 takes place right after the first game but with a diffrent ancestor.

-12:16 Set in the rennisance. Isn’t a assasian straight off the start, to have him slowly learn how to be an assasin.

-12:18 Worked hard to give more options on how to assasinate your target.

-12:20 Over 30 diffrent weapons. 6 addtional weapons are avalible if you play Assians creed Blood Lines on the PSP and connect it with the Playstation 3 version of assians creed Blood Lines.

-12:21 Assians creed 2 and Blood lines are set to come out this Holiday.

-12:22 Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PS3 in the spring and a new trailer shows.

-12:25 First footage of Final Fantasy XIV (will be an exclusive for PS3.)

-12:27 its a Online title (no news if its a MMO)

-12:28 Talks about how motion control has been popular in recent time. Getting ready to show thier solution to the motion controller.

-12:30 a New Motion controller announced. using the playstation eye while using a baton.

-12:32 shows using diffrent items to hold. A tech demo with jsut a room shooting objects and usinga electric whip,s words, water guns etc. explains the importance of having buttons No control for shoooting and such without buttons

Sword and shield tech demo

-12:39 Does one to one motion as long as your inside the camera.

-12:40 Disney interactive studio costumes for little big planet rolling out this fall.

-12:41 Mod nation racers announced. Sharing a simular approach as Little big planet where you can customize , create and trade content.

-12:44 Weapons are featured in the racing to make a very mario kart like exprience with item boxes around on the map.

-12:46 Track creaction but instead of using a tool, you use a mode very simular to the racing controls and just drive around to lay the track, and it has some typical customization options, along wtih a lot of presentational objects.

-12:51 The third title in the triology of ICO and shadow of the collosus, known as the last guardian is officially announced and starts a trailer.

The Last Guardian

-12:53 Updated version of the leaked Trico trailer with Improved visuals.

-12:56 Grand Turismo 5 hastily introduced and a trailer begins for the title.

-12:59 God of War 3 live demo being prepared to be played. giving a brief summary of the franchise and Kratos as a charcter.

-1:03 god of war demo still rolling, same bloody gruesome god of war gameplay people have come to know and love.

-1:06 God of War 3 is heading out to stores in Martch 2010

-1:06 And it ends~!

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