Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter Two The Siege of Spinner Cay

This review focuses on the WiiWare version of the title. Screenshots are from the PC release of Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter Two The Siege At Spinner Cay. Originally posted on Default Prime.


     A month has passed and a new chapter for Tales of Monkey Island has hit both WiiWare and PC. The first chapter had excellent writing and proved that TellTale Games could capture the essence  of the past Monkey Island games. It still had its issues though, some of the puzzles were a bit confusing  and it didn’t really break any new ground in the point and click genre. On top of that the game had a sloppy port to WiiWare which suffered constant frame rate issues along with many other problems. Can Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 live up to the first chapter in the episodic series and is the WiiWare version a suitable alternative this time around?

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