DPrime Preview: Monster Hunter Tri

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Online games don’t fare well on the Wii. Friend Codes and a lack of a real online community really hurt the system’s online potential. But Capcom plans on giving Wii owners a title with a real online component with Monster Hunter Tri, a hack and slash title. While you may not have heard of the Monster Hunter series, it has been very successful in Japan. Most of the titles have made it to Europe and North America, but the sales of the series has been less than stellar in these regions. Monster Hunter Tri, the third major installment in the series, will be hitting North America and Europe next month. The demo is available now at Gamestop for free, but many locations are requiring a pre-order to get the demo. Of course, if they are giving you a hard time, you can always just preorder it and then come back at a later date and cancel it.

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TSG – Five Franchises That Should Hit 3DS

We may not know any 3DS software yet, but at the very least we do know it exists and it is in 3D! Exciting! We’re bound to get Mario, Zelda, and other huge Nintendo franchises on the platform, but there are some lesser franchises that should hit the system that would greatly benefit from the Nintendo 3DS’ 3D effects.

You can check out the list of franchises on TheSpeedGamers!

DPrime Retroview: Sonic the Hedgehog

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With Sonic the Hedgehog 4 on the horizon, now is a better time then ever to look back at the classics which it is building off of. The general idea of early Sonic games is that their all speed trips all the way to the end. Despite laying the blue prints of the series, the original Sonic the Hedgehog actually has a much larger focus on platforming rather then speed. If you are coming back to the original title to escape the stop start action of recent entries like Sonic and the Black Knight or the werehog sections of Sonic Unleashed, you will be severely disappointed.

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