Chitter Chatter: Introduction

With a full staff of new gaming news writers over at the TheSpeedGamers, I actually have a life now. Now I have way too much free time, hence a little experimental series I decided to start up that is currently called Chitter Chatter. I pretty much made the title on the spot, so if I come up with something more clever, it may change. Hit the jump for more details.

Chitter Chatter is essentially just going to be me giving my two cents on things in the gaming industry. Since I’m pretty much starting this with no specific vision, it could slightly branch out of gaming related content, but I doubt I’ll branch out too far. Maybe I’ll dab in some anime and manga related content…MAYBE.

A lot of my current writing focuses on delivering very specific information from one person to another, Chitter Chatter is going to more about my opinion. Essentially, it’s going to be short editorials. And hopefully, if I can get my mind moving, I can actually get some more complex editorials going since I have a significant lack of them.

Chitter Chatter is going to be something I try to keep up daily. Of course if I get busy, it can’t be helped. To avoid flooding my blog with posts, each week will be bundled into one post. So, hopefully, I can reduce 7 posts on the front page to one.

So yeah, that’s Chitter Chatter! The name might change in the future, but it will still be the same idea. Hopefully you’ll join in and check ’em out.

(Image Source: Eye dee kay, found on 4Chan)


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