Baseball (NES) Video Review

My first video review! Baseball, released in 1985 (1983 JPN) for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is one of Nintendo’s first home console titles on the NES. While impressive for its time, Baseball is very simple, hence the lack of a lot of talking in the review. What you see is pretty much what you get.

My apologizes for the poor microphone quality. I just had to use whatever I had around at the moment.

Animal Crossing code after the jump.

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Demo Impressions

Ninja Theroy’s Heavenly Sword didn’t exactly turn out to be the smash PlayStation 3 exclusive everyone hoped it would be. While I didn’t play Heavenly Sword myself, the gaming community and critics made it pretty clear that the hype wasn’t worth it. Ninja’s Theory’s upcoming title, Enslaved, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 shows some promise. But from my quick playthrough of the demo, there seems to be some potential issues with the title.

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Wut U Talkin Bout? XIII

Originally Posted on TheSpeedGamers

Wut U Talkin Bout is a quick look at overlooked titles in gaming history, or an overlooked entry in a franchise.

No, not Final Fantasy XIII. XIII, a 2003 first person shooter published by Ubisoft. The title has a Bourne Identity style plotline about a former special agent who gets amnesia after a failed mission. Despite being a mature title, XIII uses a cel-shaded art style which was very different when compared to the more common realistic first person shooters. Through this, Ubisoft made a comic book style shooter that, even seven years later, still remains an interesting and unique experience.

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Chitter Chatter: You Are So Beautiful To Me

Recently, SEGA re-released Sonic Adventure for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Press sites are, or have already, reviewed the title. The quality of Sonic Adventure is debatable. And as the reviews continue to pour out, the scores for the title are bound to be all over. While IGN’s review has a lot of truth in it, and in my opinion some exaggerated complaints, one point of their review particularly bugged me – the graphics.

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Wut U Talkin Bout? Dokapon Kingdom

Nintendo is and has been the king of the party game since they’ve added four controller ports on their systems. And while other companies have tried, many have failed and since turned their back on the arena. In comes Dokapon Kingdom! This Wii and PS2 party game gem is basically RPGs and Mario Party thrown into a blender. The results of this concoction are surprisingly good. But be careful who you bust this title out around. By the end of the game, you can easily have one less friend.

You can check out the article on TheSpeedGamers!

Chitter Chatter: Hohoho! Merry Gaming!

Santa prefers drinking Coca Cola over working with video game developers.

It is not the holiday season, but whatever! I’ll write an article about the holidays whenever I please.

Video games and holidays go hand and hand, or more specifically, video game publishers and holidays go hand and hand. A lot of the year’s biggest titles, whether they are ready or not, are released late in the year to take advantage of the holiday season. The actual games, on the other hand, usually don’t reference holidays much. Especially these days with all the dark gritty shooters out there, there is little room for the holiday spirit.

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Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes Demo Impressions

Capcom’s Sengoku BASARA series, as with their Monster Hunter series, hasn’t really caught on in North America or Europe. After the original release, titled Devil Kings in Western markets, the series never re-emerged overseas. Capcom is giving the series another chance with Sengoku Basara 3, which is being titled Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes in North America and Europe. With other titles like Konami’s Dynasty Warriors dominating the niche market that is the hack and slash title, Sengoku BASARA really needs some sort of catch to be more than just another hack and slash.

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