Chitter Chatter: I Should Have Bought You

No Mother 3, ever.

If you look at the reviews around my site you will notice something, I review a lot of older games. Very rarely do I review a game right after release. Why? Because I am a poor college student, but I’m not here to tell you how poor I am. I am here to tell you a regret I often have, and that you might as well: not buying a game when it released.

While gaming is considered a expensive hobby, it actually can be incredibly cheap. There are so many titles out there that offer hours upon hours of entertainment for incredibly low prices. Be it a year or 30 years old, discovering these games can be exciting. And when you come across a particularly shiny gem, all you can think of is, ” I want a sequel.”

Too bad though, no sequel for you. The game is entirely out of print and, even if you purchased a new copy, you aren’t benefiting the developer or the franchise itself. If only you, and maybe a few other people who have discovered it over the years, purchased it at release! This is particularly painful when you meant to purchase it, but you ended up skipping on it for whatever reason. Those who rent games might get a similar feeling.

What can you do today? Absolutely nothing.  Shenmue will never be finish and Mother 3 will never be officially localized. Have I learned my lesson? No, because I’m poor. SorrySakura Wars: So Long My Love and Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers, I’m sure you two will be next on my list.

Well, that is actually rather far from true, especially in today’s market. With the downloadable space expanding, many titles are getting a second chance via the Virtual Console, PSOne Classics, or Xbox Live Arcade. And it may be only a matter of time until one of your favorites is made available. And when it is, make sure you vote with your money, and not just your mouth.

Mother fans are still screwed though, and Reggie doesn’t care.


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