Baseball (NES) Video Review

My first video review! Baseball, released in 1985 (1983 JPN) for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is one of Nintendo’s first home console titles on the NES. While impressive for its time, Baseball is very simple, hence the lack of a lot of talking in the review. What you see is pretty much what you get.

My apologizes for the poor microphone quality. I just had to use whatever I had around at the moment.

Animal Crossing code after the jump.

Animal Crossing Tom Nook code


2 thoughts on “Baseball (NES) Video Review

  1. Not bad for your first video review. What I love about Animal Crossing is that you can get games like Super Mario Bros. and Ice Climbers right with the GCN game.
    Baseball looks kinda cool, though I’ll probably be sticking with my Mario Superstar Baseball. :P

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