Xenoblade Heading to Europe

I never post my news stories on my blog, but this is an exception.  I was so happy about this announcement that I took the time to make an entire video dedicated to it. We can expect Xenoblade to hit Europe sometime this year. I’d guess Nintendo of America will be localizing it as well, but nothing has been announced. Although with titles like Another Code R and Disaster: Day of Crisis still sitting in Europe and Japan alone, I won’t be surprised if I’ll be forced to import.

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TSG – Nintendo 3DS Unboxing

Nintendo 3DS is finally here! But there’s an extra step to actually accessing your Nintendo 3DS… Unboxing it! I take way too long to show you the in and outs of the box, the system, the manuals and more. I even notice a special feature that many other sites probably aren’t even noticing!

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TSG – What Do You Want from Nintendo 3DS?

Nintendo 3DS is launching tomorrow. Soon the platform will be out in the hands of thousands of Americans.  I want to know what your final thoughts are going into Nintendo 3DS’ launch. Are you getting it day one? Why? Is it the launch software line-up or the investment? Are you not getting a 3DS? Why not? What does Nintendo need to do to push you to purchasing one?

You can find my personal answers over on TheSpeedGamers along with the answers of the community. You can answer too if you’d like!

TSG – BAD ENDs are Bad!

I love me some BAD ENDs. I remember some BAD ENDs even more than I remember the actual endings to some games, like above. But that doesn’t mean they are always good. Developers can quickly create confusion amongst their fans if they create too many diverse endings. In many cases, developers don’t even try to tie them all up to a direct sequel, simply pointing at a certain ending as canon.

You can check out the full article at TheSpeedGamers.

TSG – Hands-On Nintendo 3DS Impressions

Played the Nintendo 3DS yet? No? You should read my impressions! Venturing down to a super top secret 100% publicly available so not really secret Nintendo 3DS at a Best Buy, I gave the system a rundown as best I could under the circumstances. It’s a tale of rings, noses, toeses, and even possibly BLOOD.

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TSGPress Vlog – Refreshing Franchises

Tired of your old tried and true franchises? Need something new? Only way to do it is to jump into a new franchise… Right? Perhaps not. In this Vlog I look at the need to refresh franchises with new features and surprises to continue to appeal to fans and expand the audience, rather than just meeting fan expectations.

You can check out the Vlog on TheSpeedGamers.
Caution: Video contains minor air guitarring.

TSG Video Review – Space Harrier

Space Harrier! Probably one of, if not the best, Arcade title ever made. Released by SEGA in 1985,  Space Harrier features fast and frantic gameplay combined with a unique control system.

I tried a bit of a different style with this review, so it is a bit funky, but it’s supposed to be. We’ll see how it is received over the coming days.

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TSG Vlog – Be Nice and I’ll Buy You

Ever feel like your camera is blurry? I do, I can tell just by the picture above! That aside though, another vlog! This time I tackle the idea of a main character completely changing the player’s perspective of a game, going so far as influencing their purchasing decision.

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TSG Video Review – MindJack for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Today is the day that Pokemon Black and White launch in North America, but wouldn’t you rather be playing MindJack!? Released by Square-Enix back in January, this third person shooter, oddly enough, shares some elements with Pokemon. Weaken your foes and then capture them with your mind powers, essentially making a small Pokemon army… with guns!

MindJack has a handful of unique features that set it apart from the likes of Gears of War or Vanquish, but is that enough to launch it to stardom?

Find out in my video review on TheSpeedGamers!