VGChartz gamrFeed – Five Unwanted E3 2011 Announcements

Every E3 the internet explodes with hype surrounding all the latest software and hardware announcements and unveiling. But what about those announcements we don’t want? Announcements that leave a black splotch on a companies’ E3 performance. I look at five announcements that we really don’t want to happen at this years E3.

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CGR Game Review – Animal Crossing: City Folk

The original Animal Crossing was a bit of a surprise success for Nintendo. Who thought a game where you worked to pay off your debt would catch on? Sure enough, it did. And while Nintendo took a small step forward with Animal Crossing: Wild World, more definitely could have been added.  Unfortunately, City Folk doesn’t offer that. But does this title still have enough new content to warrant a purchase?

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CGR Game Review – Castlevania 64

While the latest Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was received fairly well,  earlier 3D Castlevania entries haven’t been so lucky. Over on Classic Game Room I look at the first 3D entry in the Castlevania series for the Nintendo 64. Like many other series first 3D entries, there’s a lot wrong with it. But should you skip over the title completely?

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TSG Video Review – Super Street Fighter IV 3D

Tired of silly on-screen controls to play Street Fighter IV on the go? Super Street Fighter IV 3D is here to help you! A year after the title’s release on the console, Super Street Fighter IV 3D brings the enhanced re-release to the Nintendo 3DS with exclusive features and, of course, 3D graphics!

You can check out the review on TheSpeedGamers!

Steel Diver Written Review

I already made a video review of Steel Diver, but to apply for another site I did a written review. Unfortunately, I came just short of getting the position, so the review didn’t go through. 

With almost every Nintendo platform launch, there has been at least one title from Nintendo that is on everyone’s list to purchase. But with the Nintendo 3DS, there isn’t that one must have title. Pilot Wings Resort, while a recognizable franchise, doesn’t exactly have the heavy hitting name that many other Nintendo franchises hold. Nintendogs + Cats definitely skews a bit more toward an expanded audience. So that leaves Steel Diver. This submarine semi-simulation game takes touch screen controls to a whole new depth with a unique control scheme. And with one of the master minds from the early Star Fox titles behind it, surely nothing can go wrong… Right?

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