VGChartz gamrFeed – Locking Out Foreign Friends and Gold Farmers

Region locks can be a pain. But at the very least, once you get past the hurdle, there are few things to keep you from enjoying the title. In an massively multiplayer online titles, region locking has a more profound effect on your experience.  Unfortunately, region locked MMOs are becoming more common with every MMO release. And while region locking has its benefits, it’s costing users experiences that publishers depriving their users of by restricting them by region.

It pains me, but I used a World of Warcraft image for this article on VGChartz. It was just more relevant than Final Fantasy XI. But, this is mah blawg and I do what I want. So here we have a Final Fantasy XI image to make me happy. Look at how Final Fantasy XIy it is. It’s so Final Fantasy XI. I’d use one of my own, but most of the ones left on my PC have been drawn all over in MSpaint.

Anyways, enough babbling. Head over to VGChartz’s gamrFeed to check out the article!


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