VGChartz gamrFeed – Operation Rainfall: Built-Up Frustration or Caught in the Moment?

It’s no secret that I love Nintendo’s side releases, like Disaster: Day of Crisis, Chibi-Robo, Geist and more. But, overall, titles like these see little support. I thought I was alone, but it is a surprise to find so many Nintendo fans suddenly standing up to support the localization of The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Pandora’s Tower. Where were these fans before, and why have they stayed almost completely silent with their voting dollars on Wii software releases like Sin & Punishment 2, Excitebots and Fling Smash? And where were they when Disaster and Another Code R were originally making their way only to Europe only.

I’m not saying that I’m one of the few fans of the content and that the rest are posers, or something like that. But it definitely seems questionable if this sort of interest would be in these titles if, say, there was a new Star Fox, F-Zero and more heavy hitting franchise names spaced out amoung the year alongside Zelda and Kirby. Could Operation Rainfall simply be so big just because of the current circumstances with the console, or are gamers truly interested in these software titles?

Check out my thoughts on the topic over on VGChartz’s gamrFeed.


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