VGChartz gamrFeed – Are Developers Missing Something with Motion Controls?

This generation in gaming really has had quite a few surprises thrown at it. Mobile phone gaming exploded, downloadable content has become an increasingly larger player and, of course, motion controllers really took the market by storm. Motion controls have, to a certain extent, reshaped gaming. Now you can’t even go through an E3 press conference without getting bombarded by PlayStation Move, Kinect games, or games that at least support them. It sounds like motion controllers are here to stay as titles like Dance Central and Wii Sports Resort have sold millions of units. But how are the controls fairing in the hardcore ring?

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review

Before Spirit Tracks, The Legend of Zelda series had no relationship to trains. If you asked a Zelda fan what they would think of the series adding in trains, they’d probably be disappointed. Sure enough, when we did get trains, Zelda fans were disappointed. But really, if you sit down and think about Link in a train shooting canon balls at innocent sheep while kidnapping bunnies and not have the most amazing image in your head… Well, you’re crazy… Or sane. I don’t know which. Unfortunately, as awesome as that image may be in your head, it is not nearly visually tasty as that. But don’t underestimate the power of the train.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Fans of the Losers are the Winners

The console wars have existed almost as long as gaming itself. While the last couple generations have seen smaller diversity between platforms, thanks to multi-platform third party support, there are still diehard fans out there that stick by a console manufacture no matter what. In extreme cases, they’ll heavily defend their platform and become completely blind to criticisms towards their platform and rejoice when their company stands on top of the others. When their favorite platform is on top, what does the loyalist gain?

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Are Publishers Mishandling Sequels?

Sequels have been in the gaming industry for a long time. But recently, it feels like that, unless you’re in the downloadable space, you need to be a sequel to be truly successful. Because of this, sequels now have this assembly-line stigma to them as they tend to be built in an incredibly short period of time one after the other. Is this how sequels should be? Or are publishers just killing their franchises?

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One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 2

Weeks later, another One Controller Port podcast! Again, you can join me as I talk not only about some minor European hardware revisions, but about the rumored Nintendo 3DS hardware revisions as well. Plus, after being gone for so long, I trudge through all the games I’ve tackled over the past couple of weeks.

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TSG Game Review – Xenogears

With Monolith Software being one of my favorite developers of all time, it felt like it was my duty to play Xenogears for the original PlayStation. So when it finally hit the service, I was excited, bought it basically the first hour it was up on PlayStation  Network, and then shoved it in a corner… Until now! Or, well, until a couple of months ago. After pushing through what is widely considered one of the greatest RPGs of tall time, was I impressed?

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