VGChartz gamrFeed – Is Nintendo Losing Interest in Metroid?

This year marks Nintendo’s second 25th anniversary celebration for a few Nintendo franchises. Last year was Mario’s time to shine with a Wii port of Super Mario All-Stars. This year, they’re stepping up the ante for The Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary with multiple sound track releases, a symphony orchestra concert, a port of Four Swords for DSiWare, Link’s Awakening DX on the Virtual Console and a special Legend of Zelda Wii Remote Plus launching alongside Skyward Sword. But oddly enough, one of Nintendo’s other huge franchises has gone without any sort of anniversary recognition – Metroid. And while there’s a chance something might show up later this month, like maybe a Virtual Console release of Metroid II, the day of the anniversary has already passed. Nintendo appears to be fully focused on the Zelda franchise. Which brings up the question, why is Nintendo ignoring Metroid?

You can check out the full article on gamrFeed VGChartz.


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