VGChartz gamrFeed – When Did Games Stop Being Just Games?

Today, gamers are probably happier than ever before with the content that they receive from publishers. Loads of AAA releases hit store shelves each year, and if a title does fall short, it still usually is a fantastic value even if it isn’t the hippest thing on the gaming streets known as the internet. While I’m sure many gamers have their own personal golden age of gaming, from a larger perspective, these last few years have probably been more worthy of that title. In the next few years, not only will we be talking a lot about gaming software, but also upcoming technical advances in consoles that will free developers from many limits that current generation developers suffer from. As we continue to push the boundaries of gaming and providing more polished and honed experiences, are we losing  a certain experience gaming has relied on in the past?

You can check out the full article on VGChartz’ gamrFeed.


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