VGChartz gamrFeed – When Did Games Stop Being Just Games?

Today, gamers are probably happier than ever before with the content that they receive from publishers. Loads of AAA releases hit store shelves each year, and if a title does fall short, it still usually is a fantastic value even if it isn’t the hippest thing on the gaming streets known as the internet. While I’m sure many gamers have their own personal golden age of gaming, from a larger perspective, these last few years have probably been more worthy of that title. In the next few years, not only will we be talking a lot about gaming software, but also upcoming technical advances in consoles that will free developers from many limits that current generation developers suffer from. As we continue to push the boundaries of gaming and providing more polished and honed experiences, are we losing  a certain experience gaming has relied on in the past?

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L.A. Noire Review

This review was written in May for TheSpeedGamers, but was never finished. Recently I touched it up and completed it  just for completion’s sake. 

Lies, deceit and cover ups are common themes in many Video Games – The one who you thought was on your side all along, turns on you at the last minute. Even if you spot a character’s foul play, there is nothing the player can do. L.A. Noire changes that. Through the use of all new motion capture techniques, L.A. Noire asks the player to uncover the truth behind suspects and witnesses based on body language, like a nervous twitch or the slight of an eye. Does L.A. Noire change the face of gaming with all new character interactions, or is it hiding an average game under its smug expression.

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TSG Game Review – Avenging Spirit


Looking at that box art, you might think you know what Avenging Spirits is about. Mafia gangstas that shoot tommy guns…? Nope! It’s actually about a young a man who dies and turns into a ghost. He has to possess people to save his girlfriend! That box art accurately portrays the game so well! Box arts aside, Avenging Spirit is a Kirby-like Gameboy title that hit the 3DS’ virtual console.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Nintendo Needs to Showcase Downloadable Content to Gamers

Nintendo suckered me into buying a game. So what do you do when you already have a massive list of uncompleted titles in your back catalog? Justify your purchase by writing an article about it! With this weeks Nintendo Download, I look at Nintendo’s e-mail adverts as a place of inspiration of where Nintendo should go with trying to push their content.  Will it launch the 3DS’ eShop into a huge success? No, but it definitely couldn’t hurt to help draw people into the store.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Today’s Innovations Yesterday: Online Console Gaming

Online gaming has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, aspect of the video game industry, with the Call of Duty franchise basically selling solely for online gameplay in many cases. Services like Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network across the HD systems have significant install bases, with millions of users playing online. It wasn’t always this way. Online gameplay used to only be something PC users could fully enjoy with titles like Quake, StarCraft and Everquest Online. Console gamers for many years were left with failed services throughout much of early gaming. Unlike downloadable content, online gaming doesn’t go as far back as classic platforms like the Atari 2600 or the Intellivision, but it does find its roots fairly early on in gaming’s history.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Is Nintendo Losing Interest in Metroid?

This year marks Nintendo’s second 25th anniversary celebration for a few Nintendo franchises. Last year was Mario’s time to shine with a Wii port of Super Mario All-Stars. This year, they’re stepping up the ante for The Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary with multiple sound track releases, a symphony orchestra concert, a port of Four Swords for DSiWare, Link’s Awakening DX on the Virtual Console and a special Legend of Zelda Wii Remote Plus launching alongside Skyward Sword. But oddly enough, one of Nintendo’s other huge franchises has gone without any sort of anniversary recognition – Metroid. And while there’s a chance something might show up later this month, like maybe a Virtual Console release of Metroid II, the day of the anniversary has already passed. Nintendo appears to be fully focused on the Zelda franchise. Which brings up the question, why is Nintendo ignoring Metroid?

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Four Short-Term Fixes for 3DS Nintendo Should Implement

If there’s one thing 3DS owners are dying for right now, it’s content. And with the only release between now and probably the holiday season being Star Fox 64 3D, another Nintendo 64 remake, Nintendo needs to step up their game to keep gamers holding onto the platform. While Nintendo can’t implement any long term plans yet, here are four ways for Nintendo to get content onto their platform at minimal effort.

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