MS Paint Gaming – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

I’ve been pretty busy as of late, but I did put a couple hours into Lords of Shadow this week to keep myself sane. Honestly, going into Lords of Shadow, you shouldn’t expect anything Castlevania related beyond a few names. If anything, it shares more with the Lord of the Rings franchise, hence the image above.

VGChartz gamrFeed – Underutilized Wii Features

It’s easy to look at the Wii and see where its faults lie. There’s definitely some quality software on the platform, but many of those titles were hampered by the limitations of the Wii. While not alone on the market now, its motion controller gathered a hefty amount of attention at launch, but there were other features that Nintendo, unfortunately, never went through with entirely. We look at some of Nintendo’s little white console’s feature set that barely saw the light of day.

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Dark Souls Play Diary – Part 3

Unfortunately, I’ve already sent Dark Souls back to GameFly. I could tell within the first ten hours it was a title that would require much more time than I could give it in a rental. So for now, it’s being pushed off. But I wanted to cover one last topic about the game to get all my final thoughts out. Specifically, the fact that it seemed like I was playing a different game compared to everyone else.

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TSG Staff Picks of Last Generation: PlayStation 2

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the last generation’s console war, on TheSpeedGamers we’re talking about some of our favorite titles for the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and Nintendo GameCube.  This week we touched on the PlayStation 2 first and I picked out one of my favorite titles for the system. To some, it might be surprising. But if you truly know me, you know it’s right up my alley.

You can check out not only my entry, but also other various TSG Staff’s entries over on TheSpeedGamers!

VGChartz gamrFeed – Use Quick Time Events Wisely

Wikipedia “Quick Time Events”. Find this. Wat do.

Video games are generally praised for being an immersive, interactive and a non-linear form of entertainment. So it’s strange to see developers hold on to a design element that was created specifically for games with little to no interactivity. Quick time events, or QTEs, have been made popular by Resident Evil 4, although existent since the 90’s, with The Driver being one of the first titles to use it. Ever since Resident Evil 4, it seems like we can’t avoid games with QTEs or some sort of timed button press being prompted by a giant onscreen icon saying “X” or “A.”

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