TSG Staff Picks of Last Generation: Multi-Platform

Exclusives are fine and dandy, but there are just as many great multi-platform releases between the three consoles. With this entry the TSG Staff looked at titles that were multi-platform at or near their initial release dates. While probably not my favorite multi-platform release, I figured I’d shake things up a bit by adding a more unique release with my entry.

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TSG Staff Picks of Last Generation: Xbox

Microsoft’s original Xbox wasn’t exactly very popular, with the exception of its extremely successful online service. Software-wise,  Microsoft’s Xbox is known best for the Halo franchise, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any other titles worth playing on this coffee table of a console.  While I haven’t put much time into the platform myself, there seems to be quite a few hidden gems out there on the platform for bargain prices.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Interview with Tripwire Interactive’s Alan Wilson

About a month ago I met up with Alan Wilson of Tripwire Interactive to talk about their company, franchises and some upcoming software releases.  It was my first interview, but overall I think it actually turned out pretty well.  I might post the audio recording later. Although It was just through a hand recorder, so the quality wasn’t very good.

You can check out the transcribed version on VGChartz gamrFeed!

TSG Staff Picks of Last Generation: GameCube

Last month we ran an series of articles on TheSpeedGamers featuring TSG staff’s  favorite titles on last generation consoles. With this entry, we tackled the Nintendo GameCube, a personal favorite of mine! You can find my entry in the post, which actually is one of the first games I actually reviewed.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – How Do Graphics Shape Your Experience?

Oh, hey. Completely ignore that this article is ancient, but I’ve been busy and haven’t had much time to work on stuff. But hey, here’s this article!

I can be impressed by graphics, but it’s very difficult for a title to really catch my eye. Usually it has to push a system beyond its limits for me to really appreciate what it is. So from that perspective, graphics don’t really settle in for me until after the system is actually dead or really hits its theoretical cap, then I can look at software and sort of determine what looks best. Hence why Virtua Racing Deluxe on the 32X absolutely amazes me even today.

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