Music Catch Review

When applying for a job position awhile back ago I had to review a free flash game called Music Catch. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the position. I just found the review hidden in some files, so… here you go! If I recall correctly, it had to be under 300 words.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to play a game using your media player’s song visualization, the flash game Music Catch will probably satisfy that curiosity. Music Catch has players collecting different colored shapes in tune to music. Green shapes score points, yellow shapes increase the player’s cursor circumference to better collect points, red shapes reduce the player’s cursor circumference and purple shapes are basically a massive vacuum that suck in any and all positive effect shapes for a short period of time. The title has a heavy focus on risk vs. reward, requiring the player to take chances by risking their high multiplier while collecting every green and yellow shape possible. Taking a dive for extra points feels great, until that one red shape flies right into your cursor’s field, leaving you devastated. It’s one of those titles that makes you say ‘one more time’ at the end of each game, as you know you can do better.

The free online version of Music Catch features only one song, “Before Dawn”, which is original to the title. For $6.99 you can purchase a downloadable version which allows you to import your own MP3s, essentially adding limitless value. Unfortunately, this feature is absent from the iPhone version, which will run you $.99. This version includes four songs, including “Before Dawn.” Considering Music Catch is perfect for the pick up and play style of phones, it’s a shame that you are unable to access your iTunes list for content in the iPhone version. Either way, it’s a fun time killer and is worth playing online for free or even paying $.99 to take on the go. $6.99 for the full package might be a little hard to justify, but if you are looking for more it sounds like the full version would do you well.

TSG – Swapnote Has Changed 3DS

If there’s one thing I absolutely love about Nintendo it is that they can take an average idea and create something seemingly fresh with just a bit of Nintendo magic. The  problem is that it doesn’t always work out just as keikaku (translator’s note: keikaku means plan.) Swapnote is one of the exceptions though.

You can check out the article on TheSpeedGamers!

One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 5

After a long delay and a never published episode, One Controller Port returns! Without much going on in the industry as of right now, there wasn’t all that much to talk about. Instead I take this week to focus on what stuff I’ve got coming up as well as well as what I’ve been playing.

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