Spectrobes: Origins – Halfway Between Zelda and Pokemon

Note: Disney China was a previous client of my current employer as of posting.

It’s easy to forget about Spectrobes as it had a fairly short run before puttering out. While sales whimpered with the final release, it did go out with a bang. Spectrobes: Origins is a surprisingly ambitious release for the Wii, featuring RPG and action adventure elements with a bit of monster collecting.

Video Sources:

00:09 Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Source – The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel
00:18 Monster Rancher Gameplay Source – FirstThirtyMinutes
00:24 Digimon World Gameplay Source – World of Longplays
00:27 Digimon World Next Order Gameplay Source – Bandai Namco Entertainment America
00:31 Yoki Watch Gameplay Source – Nintendo
00:41 Spectrobes Webisode Clip – Disney Games
00:52 Mario Picross Gameplay Source – popiBROS1
00:56 The World Ends With You Gameplay Source – kayzaac
00:58 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Gameplay Source – World of Longplays
01:30 Jade Cocoon Gameplay Source – Enrique Garcia
01:35 Spectrobes Wii Trailer – Disney Games
02:10 Boy and his Blog Gameplay Source – NintendoLife
02:13 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers Gameplay – スクウェア・エニックス
02:18 , 02:40 and 3:04 Spectrobes Origins Intro Footage – ?WishingTikal?
02:31 and 10:55 Spectrobes Roll Call – Disney Games


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