Touch Yoshi, Get Happy

Yoshi has had it rough. Most will point to Yoshi’s Island as the pinnacle of the series. But even with excluding the puzzle games, there’s one other game I think every fan should spend at least some time with.

Video sources after the jump.

00:00 Yoshi ★ NES ★ Gameplay – TheMProductions

00:05 SNES Longplay [161] Tetris Attack-World of Longplays

00:11 Yoshi’s Cookie – NES Gameplay – nesguide – 

00:19 Yoshi Topsy Turvy Game Boy Gameplay – IGN

00:39 Yoshi’s Safari (SNES) Intro & 1st Stage – Artificialraven

01:10 Yoshi Touch & Go Nintendo DS Gameplay_2004_05_13[1] – IGN

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