About Oculin

Welcome to my blog of video game stuff. Pretty much anything and everything I do appears here in some form or another.

Who is Oculin/Benjamin Toy Yoder?

I’m just a guy who likes writing about video games. I tend to pursue a lot fairly unique titles that are obscure or have some stand out features. I also love exploring games that are frequently shunned for one reason or another.

Just how experienced is this man?

As of right now, I largely publish on this blog. In the past, I’ve contributed to VGChartz’ gamrFeed, Classic Game Room Empire and VentureBeat. I also acted as the editor-in-chief for TheSpeedGamers. I’ve had experience in writing news, reviews, editorials, features and retrospectives. From time to time, I create silly videos for my YouTube Channel.

Is it even possible to reach him?

No,  it is impossible… unless you consider the ability to contact me via e-mail at OculinKaykei@gmail.com or through social networking sites like Twitter (preferable)Facebook and Linkedin.

Disclosure List (I’ll try my best to note all possible conflicts on individual articles from the date of the conflict and beyond. Please contact me if you notice any inconsistencies or have any concerns.)

Behaviour Interactive: My current employer, as of July 2017, has Behaviour Interactive as a client.

Inti Creates Co.: In October of 2016, Inti Creates’ CEO paid for my meal at Red Robin. I sold out my journalistic integrity for a Royal Red Robin Burger. Most delicious decision of my life. Honestly, it was a really weird thing in general. Red Robin is also a client of my company. The layers go deep, man.

Disney China: My current employer, as of June 2016, has Disney China as a client. (Update 7/29/2017: Disney China is no longer a client of my current employer)

The Pokemon Company International: My current employer, as of June 2016, has The Pokemon Company International as a client. (Update 7/29/2017: The Pokemon Company International is no longer a client of my current employer)


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