Sony’s E3 Conference

Playstation logo

-11:09 It’s starting~!

-11:10 Intro video showing off some content like FFXIII, Bayonetta, Uncharted , Ratchet and Clank, Brutal legend, god of war, heavy rain, little big planet for PSP and etc.

-11:12 Jack Tretton, Presidnet and CEO takes the stage. Joking about leaks.

– 11:15 Modern Warefare 2, Final Fantasy XII, Ratchet and clank, Heavy rain and rock band beetles are some of the great titles already announced for the playstation 3.

-11:16 Sony willcommited to the PS2 as long as there is a demand.

-11:17 Playstation 2 will get 100 new titles this year. Mentions how Playstation 2 users may 2eventually move onto be Play Station 3 users.
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Nintendo E3 Conference


-9:02AM Nintendo could be starting up any minute now! Have a Pepsi Throwback ready to take a swig for all the good news~.

-9:03 Montage of already avalible titles with people in thier living rooms playing Wii/DS

-9:05 Cammie Dunway takes the stage. Starts talking about how Video Games is one of the biggest forms of entertainment now. Out ranking most entertainment industries.

-9:07 Promises surprizes for the show. Starts talking about mario, and a montage of all the Super Mario titles starts playing…

-9:08 Speaking of moving mario into the 4th dimension. Promising that New Super Mario Brothers for Wii is a new way to play mario never before and Bill trinen takes the stage to explain it.
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Ubisoft E3 Confrence

Ubisoft logo

-5:00 It’s starting up! Montage of multiple games like TMNT, Red Steel 2, Assasisn creed 2, Shawn White, Splinter cell and etc.

-5:07 Nothing really happening right now, basically talking about how everyone Ubisoft is equal and respected no matter what they do. Also talks about how E3 has always been a place where they try to show off a great show with great games.

-5:11 The CEO  is talking about how many perphirials they supported wtih Endwar, Redsteel, Rayman and other titles.

-5:17 Short movies based on Assasins Creed 2 universe will be created.

-5:19 Ubisoft wants to not just be a video game developer and publisher but to make content for all entertainment mediums.

-5:21 Writer of AVATAR movie is talkikng about the background of the story and giving some background into the story’s world.
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EA E3 Confrence

Got here just in time!

-2:03 EA confrence starting. Lights just went down, getting ready to start!

Dante's Inferno

-2:04 Dante’s Inferno trailer starts off the show! Lots of giant scythe action~!

-2:06 Thanking people and then going into a Sims 3 trailer.

-2:07 Promising 12 games for this show.

-2:09 Littliest pet shop title announcement. three seprate titles for Wii and DS. –

-2:10 Littliest petshop online announced. Can customize pets online . Has many activies and mini games for people to play.  Trailer being shown.
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Microsoft E3 Confrence

x-box 360 logo

-10:00 Around 30 Minutes till Microsoft confrence~! Hopefully Some good stuff will be coming. We don’t know much about Microsofts Line-up other then Halo ODST.

-10:32 Looks like were starting up! Opening with The Beatles Rockband video, showing some artistic looking video. No gameplay was shown.

-10:35 Getting a history lesson on The Beatles. Semptember 9th 2009 Beatles Rockbands release date. Demonstrating the gameplay with Day Dreamer. Typical Rockband set up, no surprizes here. Three microphone support as prevoiusly promised

-10:36 Official trailer being shown off. Looks to have a bit of a diffrent visual style from previous Rockband titles to better fit The Beatles. Also seems like it will have diffrent backgrounds rather then just stages.

-10:37 Will feature DLC, like other rockband titles. Giving thanks to people who contributed to creating the title.

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