Pandora’s Tower Impressions

Pandora's Tower ARticle Head

After nearly two years, the final title in the Operation Rainfall trilogy, Pandora’s Tower, will be receiving its North American release, thanks to Xseed Games. It’s easy to see why Xseed is bringing it over, as The Last Story became their best selling title, despite being on a system that has been arguably dead for quite sometime. I have yet to experience The Last Story myself, but I do see it gasping for air while being crushed by my mountainous backlog. I’ve continued to neglect it as I, instead, ended up putting a good seven hours into a European copy of Pandora’s Tower.

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TSG – Resident Evil Revelations Demo Impressions

Nintendo of America has finally started pushing demos on Nintendo 3DS. And, well, they launched with a bit of doozy — Capcom’s Resident Evil Revelations.

You can check out my impressions over on TheSpeedGamers!

TSG Game Preview – Kirby Mass Attack

I didn’t really plan for this preview to happen. I saw that the Kirby Mass Attack demo was available for download, played it, randomly wrote down my thoughts and fleshed it out while keeping it compact. I didn’t really think about it when I was making it, which was kind of weird.

Either way, you can read about the title over on TheSpeedGamers!

TSG – Hands-On Nintendo 3DS Impressions

Played the Nintendo 3DS yet? No? You should read my impressions! Venturing down to a super top secret 100% publicly available so not really secret Nintendo 3DS at a Best Buy, I gave the system a rundown as best I could under the circumstances. It’s a tale of rings, noses, toeses, and even possibly BLOOD.

You can check out all the fun on TheSpeedGamers!

TSG Game Preview – Radiant Historia

In a sea of RPGs on the Nintendo DS, it is hard to get noticed. But Atlus’ upcoming Radiant Historia is proving to be a title that might stick out of the crowd. I recently got an invite to tune in to an online press demonstration that showed some of the more impressive features of the title. Mainly the unique battle system and the the main character’s time traveling abilities.

You can read up on these features over at TheSpeedGamers!

Thanks again to Atlus for the invite!

Tales of Graces F Japanese Demo Impressions

Despite the Wii’s success when it comes to hardware, software seems to be having some trouble, especially 3rd party hardcore titles. Many titles sell poorly, and titles that are part of a franchise pull numbers lower than its previous entries on different platforms. While the Japanese exclusive Tales of Graces wasn’t the biggest bomb of the Wii, it definitely didn’t push as many units as Namco Bandai would have hoped.

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Demo Impressions

Ninja Theroy’s Heavenly Sword didn’t exactly turn out to be the smash PlayStation 3 exclusive everyone hoped it would be. While I didn’t play Heavenly Sword myself, the gaming community and critics made it pretty clear that the hype wasn’t worth it. Ninja’s Theory’s upcoming title, Enslaved, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 shows some promise. But from my quick playthrough of the demo, there seems to be some potential issues with the title.

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