Commodore 64 M.U.L.E. Intro Ruined

Mi Papa’s birthday was on March 31st. I made a ruined intro of one his favorite games from growing up.  Ruining childhood memories, that’s what I’m all about! So yeah, here it is. Enjoy, dance, sing along and do a barrel roll!

Classic Pokemon Intro Ruined

You like Pokeymanz? I kind of do… Not really. Haven’t played one since Red and Blue. But I’m not here to talk about Pokemon; I’m here to sing about Pokemon!

Join a ferocious adventure of singing and dancing recorded in audio form to match the video of the Classic Pokemanz. But there is a goal to this singing: Informing you that on March 11th you should tune into TheSpeedGamers for their Classic Pokemon Marathon! They’ll be catching 251 Pokemon across Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Gold all to raise money for Lou Gehrig’s Disease Charity.

Check out this beautiful opera on TheSpeedGamers!

Your Favorite Video Game Intros Ruined: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time’s intro is a classic. After waiting years for the release, gamer’s first experience with the title was this wonderful intro. How do you celebrate this? Ruin it! Listen to my beautiful voice as I tear through your speakers delivering ear bleeding audio for your enjoyment.

You can hear all the fun goodness at TheSpeedGamers.