Talkin’ ‘Bout Resident Evil 6

Hey, I talked about the Resident Evil 6. You just didn’t know about it! So yeah, this video is actually a little old.  But basically I decided not to review the game, so I just talked about my thoughts on it.

TSG Vlog – Your Gaming Back Catalog

Sometimes games just happen to pop up into your hands. Suddenly, you also notice deductions from your bank account for purchases. Where is this money going and where are these games coming from!? I look at the my back catalog of titles that I’ve never played.  It is my pile of shame.

This video actually kind of happened on accident. Initially it was going to be a single picture, then it moved to a twenty second video, then a four minute video, and then it eventually become a Vlog. We’ll see how it is received.

So check out the video on TheSpeedGamers. And if you have a back catalog of unplayed games of your own, chime in on the comments section.

TSGPress Vlog – Refreshing Franchises

Tired of your old tried and true franchises? Need something new? Only way to do it is to jump into a new franchise… Right? Perhaps not. In this Vlog I look at the need to refresh franchises with new features and surprises to continue to appeal to fans and expand the audience, rather than just meeting fan expectations.

You can check out the Vlog on TheSpeedGamers.
Caution: Video contains minor air guitarring.

TSG Vlog – Be Nice and I’ll Buy You

Ever feel like your camera is blurry? I do, I can tell just by the picture above! That aside though, another vlog! This time I tackle the idea of a main character completely changing the player’s perspective of a game, going so far as influencing their purchasing decision.

To hear more check out the vlog on TheSpeedGamers!

TSG Vlog – Can NGP Compete Against 3DS?

With the announcement of the NGP, it looks like the NGP and the 3DS will be at each others throats at launch, just like their siblings were. But will the outcome be the same? Will the NGP fade off as the 3DS climbs the ladder of success? Or will a new challenger even the odds in this battle?

You can hear me speak words about it over on TheSpeedGamers!

TSG Vlog – 3DS… I Am Disappoint

Are you allergic to yellow? Then don’t click the link! There’s some yellow to be had thanks to some lovely accidental lighting! But if yellow doesn’t bother you, then you should over to TheSpeedGamers! Despite writing articles all the time, and occasionally doing videos, I actually have a face! The face you see above talks about Nintendo’s upcoming first party line-up for Nintendo 3DS… and how it is fairly disappointing.

See this beautiful face in full motion yellow at TheSpeedGamers!