GamesBeat: How night life killed my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town



I put a lot of effort into trying to make Animal Crossing: New Leaf work for me. After three months, I finally decided to give up. There’s nothing wrong with Animal Crossing: New Leaf as a game and I’ve loved my time with the series in the past.  However my current life style creates some challenges in living the Animal Crossing dream.

VentureBeat’s GamesBeat is currently hosting my article as to why I gave it up.

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CGR Game Review – Animal Crossing: City Folk

The original Animal Crossing was a bit of a surprise success for Nintendo. Who thought a game where you worked to pay off your debt would catch on? Sure enough, it did. And while Nintendo took a small step forward with Animal Crossing: Wild World, more definitely could have been added.  Unfortunately, City Folk doesn’t offer that. But does this title still have enough new content to warrant a purchase?

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Wut U Talkin Bout? Wario’s Woods

The final Wut U Talkin Bout for the first season, Wario’s Woods! I put the series on hold with a bang! VIDEO! Wario’s Woods is a Tetris like puzzle game released on the NES and SNES. The cool thing about this title is not, you’re not a random cursor in the game. You’re actually in the playing field.

You can check out the video on TheSpeedGamers!