One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 2

Weeks later, another One Controller Port podcast! Again, you can join me as I talk not only about some minor European hardware revisions, but about the rumored Nintendo 3DS hardware revisions as well. Plus, after being gone for so long, I trudge through all the games I’ve tackled over the past couple of weeks.

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TSG Game Review – Avenging Spirit


Looking at that box art, you might think you know what Avenging Spirits is about. Mafia gangstas that shoot tommy guns…? Nope! It’s actually about a young a man who dies and turns into a ghost. He has to possess people to save his girlfriend! That box art accurately¬†portrays¬†the game so well! Box arts aside, Avenging Spirit is a Kirby-like Gameboy title that hit the 3DS’ virtual console.

You can check out the review on TheSpeedGamers!