Oculin’s Blawg – The Computer Programme

Recently I checked out an old BBC documentary series from 1982 called The Computer Programme, and it was really interesting. They may seem a bit obsolete these days, but I do think watching it today gives an interesting perspective of where we’ve been, where we’re at now and where we are going with technology.

I’ve been trying to jump back into the general tech scene. I pretty much disappeared from the whole thing about the time Apple started really taking a grasp of the field, so it’s been interesting jumping back into it. Sure, looking at the new is important and I’m definitely frequenting tech news sites more often now.  But I think I feel the same way with tech as I do with games:  that it is equally as important to look at the old. The Computer Programme has been great for giving a look back into where technology stood in 1982, and the questions and concerns they had back then.

At least from what I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any official way to check out the series anymore. But you can find the series uploaded on YouTube.