Castlevania Judgement Review

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Castlevania_Judgement Box art

     The Castlevania Series didn’t make a smooth transition from 2D to 3D, Castlevania 64, Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness, while not bad titles, haven’t reached the level of their two dimensional counterparts. Instead of trying the same thing over and over again, Konami decided to take a different path. Castlevania Judgment is more along the lines of a one on one open ended arena fighter with various in stage hazards and items to use similar to the original Power Stone. It’s no secret that before its release Castlevania Judgment was looking to be a flawed title, Konami even gave permission to employees to remove people from the booth at E3 if they were making fun of the title while playing it. Can Castlevania Judgment waggle its way into your heart, or will you be stabbing it with a stake?
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