One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 29: XenoEverything

This week talk about my time with Valkyria Revolution, the forever changing art style of the Xeno series and another Monolith Soft property.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Do Bridge Titles Have a Future?

I love me some bridge titles, but notoriously these titles are far from AAA releases. That being said, they can still be fun. Disaster: Day of Crisis on the Wii remains one of my favorite games and one of my favorite uses of the Wii Remote, although the king of motion controls in my opinion is still No More Heroes.

You can check out the article over on VGChartz’ gamrFeed.

Classic Game Room Review – Disaster: Day of Crisis

I’ve been a big fan of Classic Game Room for awhile, so it excites me to see my review of Disaster: Day of Crisis appear on their website. So thanks to Classic Game Room for posting my review! I hope to get more reviews up with them in the future.

Read the review over on Classic Game Room!

Disaster: Day of Crisis Review



     Back in E3 2006 the Wii’s initial line up was shown. One of Nintendo’s new  IPs was Disaster: Day of Crisis. After the E3 showing we didn’t see anything for Disaster for almost two years besides a few screen shots. Then out of nowhere the title had its release date announced only a few weeks before its launch date. Unfortunately Nintendo decided that Disaster Day of Crisis wasn’t worth the marketing push and put it out on store shelves with little to no marketing campaign. While Europe and Japan have gotten a release, Nintendo of America stands still saying Disaster Day of Crisis is currently not in their release schedule. Fortunately for importers even the Japanese version voice acting is entirely in English. So no matter which version you play, you will fully understand the plot. Does Disaster Day of Crisis deliver despite being ignored or is it really a disaster?
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