VGChartz gamrFeed – Where does PSVita Stand After E3?

Before E3, the NGP’s, now as the PSVita, possiblity for success was relatively unknown all for one reason – The price.  Now that we know the platform is competitvely priced, where does the system stand in the hand-held market. Is the continually failed prospect of console gaming on the go still a failed game plan? And more importantly, can the PSVita’s software give itself a stand against the 3DS?

You can check out my thoughts on the system’s position over on VGChartz’s gamrFeed.


VGChartz gamrFeed – Five Unwanted E3 2011 Announcements

Every E3 the internet explodes with hype surrounding all the latest software and hardware announcements and unveiling. But what about those announcements we don’t want? Announcements that leave a black splotch on a companies’ E3 performance. I look at five announcements that we really don’t want to happen at this years E3.

You can see what those announcements are over on gamrFeed, part of the VGChartz Network.