Yumi’s Odd Odyssey


I have a weakness for cute anime things, especially if it looks like it’s from the 80s or 90s. While I had heard of the Japanese Umihara Kawase series, I’ve never been too big into importing. All of the games have passed me by until the most recent Nintendo 3DS release, which was localized under the name Yumi’s Odd Odyssey.

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GamesBeat: How Attack of the Friday Monsters depicts Japan like it’s our own backyard


I like Attack of the Friday Monsters, and you should too. It’s a hard sell though, as it’s difficult to understand what the appeal of the game is by just looking at screenshots or the trailer.

I tried to paint a picture of what kind of experience the title offers through an article I wrote on VentureBeat’s GamesBeat. That kind of article isn’t my traditional style, but GamesBeat liked it and promoted it to their front page.

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TSG Game Review – Avenging Spirit


Looking at that box art, you might think you know what Avenging Spirits is about. Mafia gangstas that shoot tommy guns…? Nope! It’s actually about a young a man who dies and turns into a ghost. He has to possess people to save his girlfriend! That box art accurately portrays the game so well! Box arts aside, Avenging Spirit is a Kirby-like Gameboy title that hit the 3DS’ virtual console.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Four Short-Term Fixes for 3DS Nintendo Should Implement

If there’s one thing 3DS owners are dying for right now, it’s content. And with the only release between now and probably the holiday season being Star Fox 64 3D, another Nintendo 64 remake, Nintendo needs to step up their game to keep gamers holding onto the platform. While Nintendo can’t implement any long term plans yet, here are four ways for Nintendo to get content onto their platform at minimal effort.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – The Rights and Wrongs of Nintendo’s eShop

With the eShop, Nintendo launches its third full fledged digital download service. As with every other console based digital distribution, it’s been an uphill battle to make the service as appealing as possible to both the consumers and developers. And while there isn’t much in terms of 3DS software available on the service as of yet, DSiWare’s back catalog gives us a glimpse of exactly how the service works.

You can see what Nintendo has already gotten right and wrong with their eShop over on VGChartz’s gamrFeed.