One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 20: Bad Decisions and Opinions

This week I talk about the mobile game Wonder Flash, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2, NieR Automata sales and a very boring NES game.

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Final Fantasy XI: How the East Transformed Vana’diel

Like any live game, Final Fantasy XI has changed significantly over its fifteen year life. In my five years –  plus some – with the game, I can’t think of a single bigger turning point than the release of the expansion Treasures of Aht Urhgan. The shift in design re-invigorated the game, as well as lightened the oppressive reputation the MMO had built.

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One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 15: Final Fortune Street XI

This week I talk about finishing up Final Fantasy XI, the new Fortune Street for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as well as an indie game that just didn’t jive with me.

Opening music from Fortune Street.

Ending music from Mario Paint.

Recapturing the Spirit of Final Fantasy XI


(Image Source: Final Fantasy Wikia)

Being an fan of older versions of Final Fantasy XI is somewhat of a sad situation. Many titles that people are nostalgic for exist in their entirety today. While you may not be able to recapture that exact point in your life, where you played Super Nintendo on a Saturday morning with few worries, the game itself is intact. You can have almost an identical experience today to the one you had ten, twenty or thirty years ago.

Final Fantasy XI is fortunate. Unlike many MMORPGs, the servers are still alive. Though, if you log in and expect to re-live the passion you had for it as it existed in the mid-2000s, you’ll likely be sorely disappointed. Your Final Fantasy XI no longer exists. It’s the nature of an online-only world that is constantly updating for a changing market.

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Battling the Inevitability of Nostalgia

Castlelania cut

I’ve feared nostalgia for years. Recommending or highlighting something simply because I enjoyed it as a kid feels irresponsible. I usually want to talk about a game’s current day relevance. Yet as I frowned upon analyzing with rose-tinted glasses, I had a lingering sense of doubt. It seems like a silly question ask, but I started to wonder if I was being influenced by nostalgia when choosing what to play.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Locking Out Foreign Friends and Gold Farmers

Region locks can be a pain. But at the very least, once you get past the hurdle, there are few things to keep you from enjoying the title. In an massively multiplayer online titles, region locking has a more profound effect on your experience.  Unfortunately, region locked MMOs are becoming more common with every MMO release. And while region locking has its benefits, it’s costing users experiences that publishers depriving their users of by restricting them by region.

It pains me, but I used a World of Warcraft image for this article on VGChartz. It was just more relevant than Final Fantasy XI. But, this is mah blawg and I do what I want. So here we have a Final Fantasy XI image to make me happy. Look at how Final Fantasy XIy it is. It’s so Final Fantasy XI. I’d use one of my own, but most of the ones left on my PC have been drawn all over in MSpaint.

Anyways, enough babbling. Head over to VGChartz’s gamrFeed to check out the article!