One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 28: Game Development Fan Fiction

This week I talk about the recently announced Valkyria Chronicles 4 and The Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia . I also attempt to talk about The Closers and fail.

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Dark Souls Play Diary – Part 3

Unfortunately, I’ve already sent Dark Souls back to GameFly. I could tell within the first ten hours it was a title that would require much more time than I could give it in a rental. So for now, it’s being pushed off. But I wanted to cover one last topic about the game to get all my final thoughts out. Specifically, the fact that it seemed like I was playing a different game compared to everyone else.

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Dark Souls Play Diary – Part 1

 Subscribing to GameFly, I fill my query with basically every new game coming out, just so I can stay on top and get exposed to some newer titles, since my personal preference skew to random titles old or new. After an extreme lack of interest in Demon’s Souls, I didn’t intend on getting Dark Souls. But as with every other new game coming out that isn’t Madden, it was on my GameFly list. Sure enough, GameFly opted to send it to me. With zero expectation, I figured It could go either way.

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CGR Game Review – Lost Kingdoms for Nintendo Gamecube

If you had a gamecube, chances are that you simply had it for some big exclusives like Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, and Metroid Prime.  But there were occasionally some third party sequels as well, like Lost Kingdoms from Activision. This title is a fun action-adventure card game that plays very similar to the PS3 exclusive, Folklore.

You can check out the review on Classic Game Room.