One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 45: Cut Content, Dead Storefronts and Eating Gods

This week I report on my progress with the TCRF page for Final Fantasy XI, PUBG’s removed weather effects, the death of the Wii Shop Channel and, finally, some God Eater 3.

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One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 42 – Wii VC-FX

This week I discuss the ever closing deadline on WiiWare/Virtual Console and my recently obtained PC-FX.

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Kirby: Battle Royale – Just an Appetizer, Also Flagball

(Image Source: Amazon)

Once in awhile there’s an explosion of Kirby titles. On Nintendo 3DS specifically though, I’ve lost track of what is coming and when. There has been a significant mix of both retail and digital releases over the last couple years, and I honestly have no idea what is what anymore. Kirby: Battle Royale briefly caught my eye because visually the tutorial reminded of a canceled Kirby prototype for GameCube. Despite the brief obstacle course at the beginning of the game, it’s far from the brawling adventure I expected.

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Robbing Kirby of his Greatest Asset

Kirby Challenge Missions Power Up Line Up

Kirby has become defined by his ability to copy his foes powers. But what is he without them? They add variety to the gameplay and help differentiate each title. Rideable pets modify abilities in Dream Land 2, Super Star has multiple skills per power up through button combos and The Crystal Shards lets players mix and match to create all new attacks.

However, each game has one common problem linked back to the copy abilities: they trivialize the adventure.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Why Kirby?

As of late the Kirby series has been getting quite a bit of Nintendo’s spotlight across both the home console and the portable gaming space. Not only can you download the original Kirby’s Adventure off the eShop’s Virtual Console, but there’s also a 3D Classics version of the NES release on the way. Then, of course, we had Kirby’s Epic Yarn just over a year ago in North America with the last big slew of Wii titles before the 2011 drought. Much more recently, we’ve had Kirby’s Mass Attack on the Nintendo DS and Kirby’s Returns to Dreamland, which just hit store shelves a few days ago. Kirby is everywhere, but why?

You can check out the full article on VGChartz gamrFeed!