One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 49 – Beefy Dads and Dead Moms

This week I talk about a few of my favorite video game dads, as well as A Way Out.

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GamesBeat: How Attack of the Friday Monsters depicts Japan like it’s our own backyard


I like Attack of the Friday Monsters, and you should too. It’s a hard sell though, as it’s difficult to understand what the appeal of the game is by just looking at screenshots or the trailer.

I tried to paint a picture of what kind of experience the title offers through an article I wrote on VentureBeat’s GamesBeat. That kind of article isn’t my traditional style, but GamesBeat liked it and promoted it to their front page.

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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Review

     Dragon Quest is one of the series I’ve always meant to get around to playing but never have except for the on rails hack and slash spin off Dragon Quest Swords. Considering the titles sells boat loads in Japan and always gets lots of praise, I figured it was about time for me to check out a title in the main series. Enter Dragon Quest VIII the (obviously) eighth entry in the numbered Dragon Quest series and the latest to be released in North America and Europe. Can Dragon Quest VIII stand out in the sea of PlayStation 2 Role Playing Games? Or is it just another RPG?

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