VGChartz gamrFeed – Underutilized Wii Features

It’s easy to look at the Wii and see where its faults lie. There’s definitely some quality software on the platform, but many of those titles were hampered by the limitations of the Wii. While not alone on the market now, its motion controller gathered a hefty amount of attention at launch, but there were other features that Nintendo, unfortunately, never went through with entirely. We look at some of Nintendo’s little white console’s feature set that barely saw the light of day.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Top Five Wii Games to Survive Until Skyward Sword

The Wii is definitely a bit dry on content right now with the only software really to look forward to being Kirby and Zelda. Even so, both of these titles won’t be coming until late this year. Thankfully, the Wii has a large back catalog of titles that gamers can turn to in this time of need. I look at a variety of titles that may help the wait for Zelda be a little less painful.

It should be noted the article’s title was changed on VGChartz to “Top Five Wii Games You Never Played.” Unfortunately, the change was out of my hands and I wasn’t given the opportunity to adjust the article accordingly. So please understand this article was not intended to be a “games you never played” list.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Locking Out Foreign Friends and Gold Farmers

Region locks can be a pain. But at the very least, once you get past the hurdle, there are few things to keep you from enjoying the title. In an massively multiplayer online titles, region locking has a more profound effect on your experience.  Unfortunately, region locked MMOs are becoming more common with every MMO release. And while region locking has its benefits, it’s costing users experiences that publishers depriving their users of by restricting them by region.

It pains me, but I used a World of Warcraft image for this article on VGChartz. It was just more relevant than Final Fantasy XI. But, this is mah blawg and I do what I want. So here we have a Final Fantasy XI image to make me happy. Look at how Final Fantasy XIy it is. It’s so Final Fantasy XI. I’d use one of my own, but most of the ones left on my PC have been drawn all over in MSpaint.

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DPrime Preview: Monster Hunter Tri

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Online games don’t fare well on the Wii. Friend Codes and a lack of a real online community really hurt the system’s online potential. But Capcom plans on giving Wii owners a title with a real online component with Monster Hunter Tri, a hack and slash title. While you may not have heard of the Monster Hunter series, it has been very successful in Japan. Most of the titles have made it to Europe and North America, but the sales of the series has been less than stellar in these regions. Monster Hunter Tri, the third major installment in the series, will be hitting North America and Europe next month. The demo is available now at Gamestop for free, but many locations are requiring a pre-order to get the demo. Of course, if they are giving you a hard time, you can always just preorder it and then come back at a later date and cancel it.

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