Project X Zone: A Franchise Sampler

Oculins Box Xzone Header

Project X Zone is all about tickling the inner fanboy in all us as a large variety of franchise characters from Capcom, SEGA and Namco Bandai mix together thanks to dimensional rifts.  Half the fun is seeing your favorite characters team up to battle familiar foes. Despite it being a title built around the idea that players will grab onto characters they’ve know for years, I’ve found myself enjoying meeting new faces from titles and series I’ve yet to unearth more than anything else.

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Xenoblade Chronicles – The End to an 8 Year Struggle

Xenoblade Chronicles is on the horizon for North American Wii owners. If you’re an impatient Americano, such as myself, you cursed Reggie’s name and moved to Europe, or probably just imported the title. Those who joined the European elites had a fantastic experience eight months before a single American copy will hit GameStop shelves. But at the end of the day, they’re all just copies of the same game – a game that has ended eight year struggle for the team behind it, Monolith Soft. No, it didn’t take Monolith Soft eight years to develop Xenoblade. This is a struggle that has spanned across all Monolith Soft’s titles since the developer was conceived.

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Disappointment: Wristinsaga III

An article written based on a Destructoid community blog topic, focusing on disappointing releases. You can find my original incredibly old and poorly written Xenosaga Episode III review here.

Not having touched Mass Effect series, I can’t really say anything about what’s going on with BioWare and their ending fiasco at the moment. Somethin’ ’bout cupcakes. Cupcakes or not, I can sort of, kind of, almost, not really relate to them with another sci-fi RPG trilogy that was a bit of a disappointment for myself. Monolith Soft’s Xenosaga was set to be one of my favorite series, and a shining example of the developer’s more unique JRPG designs. I have an undying love for the team, thanks to their engaging and strategic battle systems. Xenosaga I and II were true to this. Critics, however, complained about II being overly complicated. Instead of just taking a step back with Xenosaga III, Monolith Soft basically took it to the chopping block and removed everything but the battle system’s torso, reducing it down to a traditional RPG experience. That alone was a disappointment on my part. It was a liveable change, but good heavens the worst was yet to come.

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Dark Souls Play Diary – Part 2

Raging about random deaths aside, if there’s one thing in Dark Souls I can say I enjoy, it is the battle system. I’ve seen Dark Souls labeled as a hack and slash title before and, to a certain extent, that is definitely true. But going in and flailing your arms about won’t get you anywhere. Watching your enemy is key to success.

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Dark Souls Play Diary – Part 1

 Subscribing to GameFly, I fill my query with basically every new game coming out, just so I can stay on top and get exposed to some newer titles, since my personal preference skew to random titles old or new. After an extreme lack of interest in Demon’s Souls, I didn’t intend on getting Dark Souls. But as with every other new game coming out that isn’t Madden, it was on my GameFly list. Sure enough, GameFly opted to send it to me. With zero expectation, I figured It could go either way.

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Tales of Graces F Japanese Demo Impressions

Despite the Wii’s success when it comes to hardware, software seems to be having some trouble, especially 3rd party hardcore titles. Many titles sell poorly, and titles that are part of a franchise pull numbers lower than its previous entries on different platforms. While the Japanese exclusive Tales of Graces wasn’t the biggest bomb of the Wii, it definitely didn’t push as many units as Namco Bandai would have hoped.

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Demo Impressions

Ninja Theroy’s Heavenly Sword didn’t exactly turn out to be the smash PlayStation 3 exclusive everyone hoped it would be. While I didn’t play Heavenly Sword myself, the gaming community and critics made it pretty clear that the hype wasn’t worth it. Ninja’s Theory’s upcoming title, Enslaved, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 shows some promise. But from my quick playthrough of the demo, there seems to be some potential issues with the title.

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DPrime Review: Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Originally posted on Default Prime

Fragile Dreams was one of the first story heavy titles to be announced for Nintendo’s Wii.  While a Japanese release was almost certain, for awhile, a North American and European release seemed unlikely. Eventually the title launched in Japan with still no sign of a localization. But over a year after it’s release in Japan, we are finally able to check out the title thanks to publisher XSeed Games. But was the wait worth it?

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Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Review

Developer Monolith Software, known for their Xeno series, isn’t exactly in the best position for getting their titles localized outside of Japan. Monolith Software is mostly owned by Nintendo. And when Nintendo looks at games to localize, they generally bring over their huge franchise names and maybe one or two smaller titles. So Nintendo published Monolith titles have little to no chance at ever getting localized. Namco Bandai holds some ownership of Monolith Software as well… but they don’t even localize entries in some of their biggest franchises. *cough* Tales*cough*. Thankfully, Namco Bandai is willing to let other publishers localize titles they skipped over. And through that, Monolith Software’s Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier was brought to North America (sorry Europe), thanks to Atlus.

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