One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 48 – 2000s in 4K

This week I talk about re-releases of games from the early 2000s, Phantasy Star Online 2 and Closers.

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The Jump that Kills Ice Climber

IceClimber_Famicom_boxfront GG Cut

(Image Source: The Gay Gamer)

Ice Climber gets more attention than it probably deserves. It’s been released on about ten different platforms and its protagonists have been featured in one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises of all time, Super Smash Bros.

For an NES game, it showed a lot of promise. In 1985 it predated Super Mario Bros. in Japan and – unlike most platformers following it – the objective is to climb up rather than run right.

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The Mysterious Murasame Castle

Samurai Apprentice Takamaru Oculins Box

Nintendo has a weird interest in The Mysterious Murasame Castle. There’s only been one game in the series, which was released for the Famicom Disk System in 1986. But it’s a title that they keep referencing quite often in their modern games. Takamaru, the main character, has had cameos in a handful of titles. He’s featured in a spin off mode for Samurai Warriors 3, he’s a resident of the main island in the Japanese only Captain Rainbow and he’s set to appear as an assist trophy in the upcoming Super Smash Brothers on Wii U and 3DS. The 3DS Virtual Console release is the first time the game has left leaving Japan.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Are Black Box NES Games Still Worthwhile?

I’ve always personally had a love hate relationship with black box NES games. On the surface level, they seem really boring. Once you actually put time into them though, you can see the subtle intricacies of the title and its mechanics. The recent launch of the 3DS ambassador program reminded me of this as popping in quickly to each title wasn’t a very satisfying experience. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad.

You can find the article over on VGChartz’ gamrFeed!


VGChartz gamrFeed – The Other, Other Nintendo Characters: Samurai Apprentice Takamaru

Both Mario and Link are twenty five years old (well, according to Nintendo at least). But it is easy to forget other characters who are just as old, characters like samurai apprentice Takamaru. Despite his relatively unsuccessful original release and his abscence from the gaming industry for almost fifteen years, over the last decade Nintendo has been calling upon his name for a variety of ports, cameos, and even a semi-remake.

Discover more about samurai apprentice Takamaru over on VGChartz’s gamrFeed.

CGR Game Review – Fist of the North Star for the NES

Fist of the North Star is awesome. Fist of the North Star on the NES… not so much. While the NES was probably capable of handling a Fist of the North Star title, this entry is just simply awful. It has few merits and plenty of technical issues and bad design choices. It feels like a cash-in, and it probably was.

Find out how awful it is in my review of the title on ClassicGameRoom!

Baseball (NES) Video Review

My first video review! Baseball, released in 1985 (1983 JPN) for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is one of Nintendo’s first home console titles on the NES. While impressive for its time, Baseball is very simple, hence the lack of a lot of talking in the review. What you see is pretty much what you get.

My apologizes for the poor microphone quality. I just had to use whatever I had around at the moment.

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