One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 13: Holographic Bloodstains

Another podcast this week, covering Inti Create’s departure from Bloodstain’s development. I also talk about Konami’s Otocadoll arcade game.

Otocadoll Gameplay

Opening music from Sayonara Umihara Kawase.
Ending music is from Mario Paint.


Suffocating Classics

If there’s one thing that stands above anything else for me in a game, it’s if they achieve something unique. When focusing on the most recent releases, this is largely limited to looking at what has come before it. However, sometime later you can also start to take into account what comes after. I’d say it’s similar to the whole phrase “____ hasn’t aged well.” Yet instead of from perspective of how the ever moving bar leaves some titles behind, it’s more about about how the level of iteration dilutes the original.

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