Suffocating Classics

If there’s one thing that stands above anything else for me in a game, it’s if they achieve something unique. When focusing on the most recent releases, this is largely limited to looking at what has come before it. However, sometime later you can also start to take into account what comes after. I’d say it’s similar to the whole phrase “____ hasn’t aged well.” Yet instead of from perspective of how the ever moving bar leaves some titles behind, it’s more about about how the level of iteration dilutes the original.

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Never-Ending Backlog: Phantasy Star Portable

Did you hate Phantasy Star Universe at launch? You may want to give Phantasy Star Portable a try! This 2009 PSP release from SEGA takes many of Phantasy Star Universe’s online improvements and puts them on a retail disc for you to enjoy. However, the title only supports local wireless – so don’t expect to play alongside friends from around the world.

With the PC and PS2 servers down, and the Xbox 360 servers soon shutting down as well, Phantasy Star Portable will soon be the most up-to-date version of Phantasy Star Universe in its original form that you’ll be able to play.

You can find the video after the jump.

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