Never-Ending Backlog: Money Idol Exchanger (Money Puzzle Exchanger)

Money Idol Exchanger Box Art(Image Source: Giant Bomb)

Money Idol Exchanger, also known as Money Puzzle Exchanger, is a 1997 puzzle series developed by Face for the Neo Geo. The version reviewed here is the PlayStation release, which can be found on the PlayStation Store released by MonkeyPaw Games. This video is an experimental take on condensing the creation of my video reviews. It’s a bit rough, but was expected for a first try and a less than three hour production time.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Today’s Innovations Yesterday: Online Console Gaming

Online gaming has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, aspect of the video game industry, with the Call of Duty franchise basically selling solely for online gameplay in many cases. Services like Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network across the HD systems have significant install bases, with millions of users playing online. It wasn’t always this way. Online gameplay used to only be something PC users could fully enjoy with titles like Quake, StarCraft and Everquest Online. Console gamers for many years were left with failed services throughout much of early gaming. Unlike downloadable content, online gaming doesn’t go as far back as classic platforms like the Atari 2600 or the Intellivision, but it does find its roots fairly early on in gaming’s history.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Today’s Innovations Yesterday: Downloadable Content

All technology originates from somewhere. And while there are ambitious projects, they may not meet their full potential right out the gate thanks to technological limitations, a non-existent market, or huge laundry list of other problems that may occur. But eventually, some one may pick up on these ideas in the future and be met with great success. I look at not only the history of products in a concept’s life span, but also what struggles it was met with from a market perspective.

With this entry we look at downloadable content! You can check out the feature over on VGChartz’ gamrFeed.

VGChartz gamrFeed – Online Shooters Need to Move On

When I was younger I used to really be into online shooters. Now-a-days, not so much. I don’t blame the market itself, just that I’ve sort of lost interest. But I have noticed in the last few years that the online shooter market hasn’t really been moving.  While innovation takes time, it still feels like it is about time that we get some new mechanics!

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